Monday, June 5, 2017

B b -- -Beauty - Believe - Bountiful

Hello there!   Welcome to week number 2 in my blog series of weekly posts from the Alphabet.

We are on the letter B this week.

Our word of the week is...

  1. large in quantity; abundant.

    "the ocean provided a bountiful supply of fresh food"

No matter what life brings my way... I strive to remember each and every day how BOUNTIFUL my life truly is.   And be grateful.

Can you recognize how Bountiful your life is?   Name two things in the comments....

World Travels at the Touch of a Key...

This week we will visit

Some BEAN recipes to share from the kitchen of Betty Crocker

Along with the letter B... I'm sharing some of the Baby Blankets I have made over the years.  All in crochet :-)    

The first one was for my little granddaughter... Kaidyn

Next one was for my grandson Patrick

Then came one for baby Sage...

and one for my granddaughter Anna

Right now, I'm working on one for a beautiful toddler.   He has such a lovely story as he has been adopted by 2 wonderful people ♥   As they bless his life... he has blessed theirs.

.    This one is a work in progress and I will share the photo when finished.   I'm following the colors of his room which are robins egg blue, fox orange, white and it will be trimmed in light gray.

This is the free pattern that I am using for his blanket...

Healing Stones....

the Bloodstone.

This is one of my favorite stones.   This stone is a excellent choice for anyone who is dealing with High Blood Pressure.

Spirit Aminals...

This week we look to the


Strength, Confidence, Leadership, 

"The Bear.... a spirit animal symbolic of strength and courage..."

People of the Bible...


About Benjamin he said,  "Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in him, for he shields him all day long, and the one the Lord loves rests between his shoulders."

Deuteronomy 33:12

For my Crafting section this week, I wrote about the baby blankets I have made and am currently working on.

Last week I spoke of the block of the month squares, and the photos of those are in a tab at the top of the blog.   

The new patterns for June are in and I am excited to get started with them.   I'll update photos in this section weekly as they progress and then add them to the tabbed page.

I've also working on some ideas for some Binders to use to journal.

The Music Inspiration this week is a favorite of mine....

Going out to all of my children.. my friends.

However I can help... I always will if any of you need me.  I already pray for each of you every day and that alone is the greatest thing I can do.   But there's more... from my soul to yours.

But if you think of God as you listen to this incredible song.....   He will never forsake you or forget you.  He is the real and complete bridge .   Be still and know. ♥   God sends His angels every day.. every moment.    I would have never survived moments of my life without the ones He sent for me.

In Books...  a Recommendation

I've just began a re read of a wonderful book.

The Search by Nora Roberts.

So much about canine rescue.  I loved this book and am happy to have picked it up again.

This week's Beautiful moments

Beautiful grand babies over for a visit...

a foggy night...

piggy tails....

a sunny place in my daughters kitchen,,,

some patriotism...

visiting Flower....

a visit from Oscar...

another lovely end of a day ♥

Thank you so much for your visit this week.   I wish you Bountiful Blessings and Beautiful Moments.

See you next week...

Much love,