Sunday, October 15, 2017


Hi there!  Welcome to the ending of one week and the beginning of a Brand New Week!

The weather here in Virginia has been so very lovely.   The trees seem slow to change.. but it's suppose to be getting colder at night this coming week.

I've got a ton of photos for you this week.  

Going to start out with my hubby's little watermelon patch.

He had thrown some water melon seeds out behind our shed.. just for the heck of it...
and now -- look what we have.

They are the cutest little things.  One of them is pretty good size.

Needless to say.. with November fast approaching, they won't survive the frost.

But they did so well that next year, I think another watermelon patch and maybe some pumpkins!!

Next are a few fall shots from our dealership in Roanoke VA

And.. grocery shopping was fun.... Look at all the Pumpkin Spice stuff.... :-)

And I bought some of the Butter Toffee creamer....

Sharing this.. just because they are so beautiful

The week was pretty good.   I'm doing great with the start of my Ten Thousand Things journal - which I'll be working on for the next fifteen months.

Week was full of working and time at home...ordinary days but each so full of blessings that I could never count them all.

I got in a little crochet and reading time.   Photos next week of my progress in crochet. 

The knitted project is moving along nicely too.  Again.. photos next week.

Today I went to my youngest daughters and we did our weekly grocery shopping together.

We stopped by to see two of my little granddaughters.. I'm sharing their painted pumpkins with you.

Here are some scenic photos from today...

and last but not least... one of the pretty boys 

This is Smudge ♥

Wednesday will be the first part of a new series... Sleep time Anxiety and then Friday will be my new Creative blog day.  The Reviews were fun but it's time to change it up.   I will share things I am crafting and some stuff about journals as well as progress on my Ten Thousand Things.

Sending love and light to you all
and Thank you for stopping by.