Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tuesdays...Throwing out the Bathroom...

Seriously...our house.  One bathroom.   Four full time people....two more part time people...
What does all of this mean????

CHAOS in the bathroom!!

That's why we started there.

First...a trip to Dollar Tree was in order...we needed stuff to Organize the Chaos.  Color coded stuff.

The bathroom has a nice linen closet, but only two usable shelves.   The other two shelves hold towels, sheets etc...  So the two available shelves were a jumbled mess of everyone's stuff....

Now, everyone has 3 bins.... color coded for each person.   It's the Only place we have to keep our stuff.... which is a help too... cause if there's more than these plastic trays and bins can hold... it's seriously time to Throw It Out!!

And I discovered that I AM the bathroom stuff hoarder!!   My trays and bins are the red ones on the lower shelf.... and this is after I threw out a BUNCH of stuff.  lol

There isn't much space on the bathroom sink/counter in this house... and there always seemed to be this and that on the sink.   We eliminated all of that and set the rule that NOTHING goes on the sink except soap.

The little shelf next to the sink was a eye sore too.  So much stuff before... and now it's neat and the brown tray on the top shelf is to be left empty when you leave the bathroom.  It's purpose is for a place to put wallets or things you have on you when you shower,   Ready for easy pick up and Remove when you leave.

From another angle...

The shelf above the toilet was not utilized well for the space it offers either.  We changed that up as well.

Now... the rules are clear in the bathroom.

I keep a container of Lysol wipes in there too.... for spiffing things up every day.

The shower has been a nightmare at times with all the different shampoos, body washes.. etc..... so we organized that and have future plans for a new shelf unit to put in there.  But for now, what we did works..

and the new shower curtain was just for fun

It feels good to get rid of clutter and unnecessary things.  Plus it feels Great to organize things a bit to make life easier.

Each night, there's a hot spot in the house that I am working on.  So there will be more photo's next week.   Maybe a few before and after.... we'll see.

Over the coming weekend, the room to complete will be the living room.

The reason I have chosen that room is the Christmas Tree will be put up and.... my crafting table and stuff fills one of the corners........

Thanks for sharing this weeks decluttering/organizing efforts.

See you tomorrow with a Wordless Post.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Making Memories....Birthdays, Malls, Churches and Music

A new roll for this blog....

Check out the Page called 

Just jumping in with both feet......

Memories made the last week....

With the time change here on the east coast.... the sunsets have been beautiful coming home from work on my 5 o clock days......  of course on the 6 o clock days... it's pitch dark already when I leave work.

I work in a most fascinating place.   The owner of the business has a extensive collection of classic and vintage pedal cars, cameras, radios, lunch boxes, toys.. and this classic arcade game in our office.  One of my little granddaughters came by to visit and she loved playing.

Lunches with some grandbabies.   One of my favorite things to do.  The little ones seem to enjoy it so much and I hope it leaves a happy memory for each of them.  It sure does for their Nana.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, we got to go out and celebrate one of my granddaughters birthday.  Gwen turned 15... it's unbelievable.  I mean really?  Wasn't she just a baby?
Above, this is my little granddaughter Anna... putting on her lip gloss please and thank you. 

Miss Anna ready to tour the mall.......

The beautiful Birthday girl!!   Happy Birthday my beautiful grandchild.<3

Observing the mall all decked out for the Christmas season.

We had a great time shopping and then went out to dinner at Olive Garden.  Geeze... it's been awhile since I ate there.    This time, I chose the shrimp scampi and was not disappointed!  
My daughters talked me into trying calamari.....okay. So I tried it.  Don't have to do that again..

Random Music Share today...

Just can't help myself... I think this is Such a fun song :-D

And in other news.... hubby has started attending a new local church... and I just can't do it.

It's not that I'm against church.  I love my faith and am getting ready to start going because I Love the Worship experience.  Personally, I find God everywhere in my life.  The Trees... I feel Him there... the flowers.. I feel His smile.... the Sunshine.... his Life.... the moon... His Love.... everywhere. 

I didn't grow up attending church on a regular basis so maybe that's why it's not ingrained in me... but I do love going.

But... the new church that hubby is attending.... no music.  Only singing but no musical instruments allowed in the church.

And that's okay for them.  I truly am not judging.

But for me... that's not how I want to worship ..  The beauty of music is too deeply ingrained in me.  And I believe that everything is a gift from God.   So I have to find the worship experience that's right for me as well....
No, I don't expect the church to play Bruno during the service... but in the whole scheme of things... I just can't let myself be caught up in what I call... day to day silly worries. 

I mean... lets talk about how we can help the children in the world... feed them.  Provide schools, medicine.   Let's talk about how can we help our wildlife, our environment.  Let's set up a recycling group of kids and spread the word.

Let's talk about reading... and sharing..... and Kindness... and Joy

and Honor.... and Integrity.... and Family.

Let's not worry over silly little things... like someone sharing their talent by playing a hymn on a piano or a guitar or a harp...

It's Music.

-Just my Thoughts-

Thanks for stopping by!

See you tomorrow with....

Tuesday... Throwing it Out...  I have some photos to share with you on my journey of decluttering my life!!

and being the Christmas Season....

yep, you guessed it...

Christmas Music Share