Friday, April 15, 2016

Gratitude, Healing,Sharing, Spiritual Life - How Gratitude Changed my Life

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Friday!  One more day of work for me tomorrow and then it's a much needed two days off.... of course all days off are much needed.

It was a busy Friday at work.   After work, it was home for coffee and then a quick trip to WalMart with my daughter, Becky.   We did a small amount of craft supply shopping as we plan to add some more items to our inventory for fall.

She chose some modeling clay.  Her plan is to make some cute little dolls.  Maybe even fairies or angels.  She molds them by hand and then paints them.  Seals them with a gloss sealer.  I will add a photo or two when she gets one done. 

For me, I picked up some cotton yarn to make some crochet angel dishcloths.   Also hope to get a couple of bookmarks finished this weekend.

To talk about how Gratitude changed my life...

It all started in 2000.   The first time I read 

The book is absolutely wonderful.  I have the hard cover still and I have purchased the ebook as well.

This year will make the 6th time since 2000 that I have used this book.

The thing I want to talk about tonight is a exercise within these pages...

"Begin keeping a Gratitude Journal"

Basically, every single day for a entire year, write down FIVE things you are grateful for.  Every day... even on bad days, sick days...Every day.

The first time I began this commitment, after just a few weeks, I was surprised when I started reading the things I had written, I was literally amazed at the things I had discovered during ordinary days that made me grateful.

Sometimes it was family.  Blessings.  Events.

Sometimes, on bad days, it would be a bird I saw early in the morning.  Maybe the dew on some roses.  Or maybe I just couldn't or wouldn't feel like being grateful so I would just say.. my health.  the grass.   the sky.

After a few months, reading what I had written inspired me.  I started feeling good about so many aspects of my life.  Things I didn't even realize were blessings.  Things that were simple.  Things that were complicated.  

When this first year was over, I was changed.  I finally understood what I had heard and read about for so many years but could never seem to grasp.  Or catch.

There is always something to be grateful for.

Even on bad days and during bad times.

And to read a old entry..


1.  My life
2.  My family
3.  Walking by a old old tree.  Stopping and looking up at her outstretched limbs covered with the most beautiful shade of green leaves.  
4.  To feel the sun on my face coming through the spaces between the leaves
5.  The fact that the sun did indeed rise this morning.

Some days, the entries were ridiculous.  I mean.  I must have been in a really bad mood....


1. Electricity I guess except for the bill
2.  Work except that I would rather be home
3  Home except that I wish I had more time to get things done
4.  My family except sometimes they don''t even know I really exist
5.  Everything I guess.

Even the entries when I was tired or troubled or sad or overwhelmed made me smile as I read them later.  

And when I lost my Grandmother.  My Dad.  My Mom.   

I was grateful for having them so long.  I was grateful for pictures.  I was grateful for memories.

Gratitude is a powerful healing tool.

It can truly change your life and transform your spirit and how you go through your days.

Give it  a try...

Everyday, write down a few things you are grateful for.   Stick with it awhile- tough it out a whole year if you can.

Go back and read what you wrote.

Thanks for stopping by!

Have a wonderful night.

Tonight, I am grateful for my readers <3

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Taking Life in Stride -- Picking Flowers and a little bit of Paint...

Hello everyone :-)

I hope you are having a fabulous week so far.

Monday was such a fun day.

We have been talking about fixing up the yard and redoing the flower beds and some outside painting and fun stuff like that.

So Monday was the perfect day.

My youngest daughter Becky, her boyfriend Dakota and her friend Alicia worked hard.

To begin, Dakota dug out all of the flower beds.  Filling up the wheelbarrow again and again and cleaning them out nicely.

Then the girls and I went to Walmart and to Lowes to purchase flowers, top soil and potting soil.  We also decided to get some scalloped brick edging for the front flower bed.

It was so much fun shopping with these girls.  The flowers were beautiful and we walked around and looked at them all.  
Then carefully made our choices.

They had some gorgeous violets on clearance so we got as least four big pots of those too.

Bringing all of our colorful treasures home, Becky and Dakota took out some of the old landscape timbers that had seen better days and replaced them with brand new ones.

While Becky and Alicia began planting the flowers, Dakota started painting.

I bought some beautiful white petunias, geraniums, and a yellow African daisy to put in individual pots.  I also cleaned out my "hens and chicks" and re potted them too.

It was such a lovely day with beautiful accomplishments.

More photos in another post of the improvements.


I returned to work today after my 2 day weekend.  After work the girls and I decided to walk the "loop" in town.  It's a wonderful three mile walk through some of prettiest areas in the town we live in.   We started at the Middle School and began our walk.  The spring trees are still quite lovely.  The yards all mowed and getting greener by the moment.

I had to stop after a bit and switch shoes.... and then I followed along at a slower pace.  Taking in the huge trees.... the rolling lawns.  The historical homes.  As we came up one road, there was a doe and a much smaller deer actually crossing the sidewalk.  As we approached, there were many deer up in the yard.  The sun was just setting so they were standing among the shadows of the trees and houses.

On our last part of the walk, my feet and legs were beginning to ache but I was grateful to be able to make this walk again.  It has been quite awhile.  

We are hoping to make this a event for at least two nights per week.

As we finished up and returned to the Middle School where our vehicle was, the stars were making a grand appearance as well as the moon.  

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Music and Moments.....Stairway and Jessie

Each day of the Week

Whispering Horn has a specific topic.

Music is a Huge part of my life.

It always has been and always will be.

So I thought, Music for Thursdays

and then I added Moments in my life that the song brings back.

This week, the song is one of my absolute favorites.

It has carried me through many moments of my life.

Led Zeppelin

Stairway to Heaven

If you have never listened to the song, take a moment and hear the music

If you already are familiar...please enjoy.

Now... for the moment.

Three years ago the world lost a beautiful 17 year old.  Her life was snuffed out because of the horrible mistake made by both a doctor and a nurse.

There is nothing they could ever do to ease this tragedy.

On the day I went to her viewing.  That beautiful soul - gone from us.  I sat for a moment to try to pull the strength from somewhere to not fall apart in a million pieces.  To try to understand how something like this could have happened.  

And Jessie loved music.   I knew how she loved music.  And that moment... when I sat there to try to say goodbye to her.. and the blood poured from my heart... this song began to play.  

Not what the lyrics had to say... but the music.

And I sat through the entire song and I thought of Jessie.  And I cried for the world's loss of such a beautiful light.  Someone who touched every life she came in contact with for the short time she was here with the incredible gift of just knowing her.  And hearing her laugh.   And sharing in her silliness and her seriousness.   And just being a part of her life.

The light she was and is still shines so bright that it continues to light our way in the dark as we all wait for the day we will see her again.  And the light will remind us that we carry her Light within us.  It was a gift she freely gave to all those who knew her.

Stairway to heaven?

Jessie never had to climb the stairway.  She carried it with her while she was here.

And after she left... there was no climb.

She was already there.

Beautiful child.  I love you and I miss you and I am grateful that you shared your love with us and you will live on in our hearts -- and the joy will come again when our soul sees your soul and we know that finally, the pain from your parting is done.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ordinary days and Thunderbirds....

A ordinary day at work.  Lots of spreadsheets and calls and used cars.   The weather has cooled considerably and they are saying a hard freeze tonight.  But the sun is shining and the sky is a brilliant blue.

It's five o clock somewhere...but at 5 o clock here...I headed home.  Fresh pot of coffee waiting...bliss. 

The day was pretty uneventful.  Extremely busy at work, which always makes the time go by quickly.

As I was driving home from work, I thought... What memory am I gonna share today...

And I started remember a fun trip with my mom to the mall.  I was a brand new mama to a beautiful baby girl, I was still 18 which meant my mom was 36 at the time.

We had our rough patches over the years but my fondest memories are the silliness we would get in to...

We had spent a great deal of time at the mall in Spencers... reading the funny bumper stickers and fridge magnets, laughing together and acting like a couple of school girls.  Well, I guess I really was still a girl...

Of course, while at the mall, we had to go into the Hallmark store and browsed all of the pretties they had in there.  I'm sure we went into several other stores and always ended up in the Walden bookstore.

Mom had picked up a book of jokes, a little paperback.  We had remained pretty subdued during the rest of the mall trip.  I vaguely remember that my head kind of hurt from all of the earlier laughter.

We left the mall and decided to stop at Burger King for lunch.

We ordered our food and found a booth.  My little baby girl was in her seat and we sat her up on the table closest to the window while we unwrapped our lunch.  The place was pretty busy as usual.

Mom started reading her little book as she was eating.  Quietly.  She would softly laugh now and then and I ate my lunch listening to her quiet laughter.

After a bit of time she looked at me and her eyes were full of merriment.  She said, I've got a joke for ya.  I said..what is is...

She looked at me (by the way, I was in the middle of eating my burger) and she said...

What do you call a bird that eats beans?

In mid chew, I shrugged my shoulders...

She said


(and her laughter was busting loose at this point)...

and she lowered the tone of her voice 


I tell you something.  It was the most hysterical thing ever at that moment.   She completely lost it.  Her laughter, her head in her hands.   I remember sitting down my sandwich and putting my hands over my face as the hysterics took over me completely.

We already had had a case of the super sillies earlier and this just topped it all off.

I can only imagine what the people in the restaurant thought of us.

But we certainly didn't care..

at all.

It is just one of my fond memories of laughter and silliest moments ..of which I've had quite a few over the years.

Thanks for stopping by.... and I hope you always keep laughter and the memory of laughter front and center in your life.

(Tuesdays...Taking Life in Stride...and the memories too)

Monday, April 4, 2016

Firing it up...

In the process of

firing up this blog again.

It's been a rough few months - and I'm still dealing with the loss of my dear companion, protector and friend... Bucky

New posts adventures and new bits of Life.

Something daily...just to keep me writing.

A bit of fun, nonesense, seriousness and more
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Monday - Making Plans, Goals, Ideas and Lists
Tuesday - Taking Life in Stride - the memories too
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