Monday, September 28, 2015

Ordinary Week full of Extraordinary Moments

Hello and thanks for stopping by.

It's been a pretty ordinary week around here.   Lots and lots of rain it is suppose to continue through Saturday.......

I took these photos today in front of the business I work at........ they were like umbrellas made of leaves,,, the water gently dripped from each leaf..

A friend told me that I should draw.

I  draw?

I'm no where near an artist.....not that kind anyway.

She said the point wasn't to be a artist.... the point was to draw.


So I spent some time drawing.  My very first ever.
Felt great after I finished....Yep.

I called it poppies at sunrise.  I don't know why I had to call it something, but I did.  lol

With fall most definitely in the air now, my youngest daughter Rebecca has gone pumpkin spice/flavor/recipe crazy.  She even found pumpkin pie flavored pop tarts and said they were good.  I just couldn't bring myself to try one...

She has been busy making and baking... and over the weekend, she bought this mix and made the most delicious cupcakes.   She used cream cheese frosting and then injected some of the pumpkin flavored frosting that came with the mix into the center of the cupcakes... 

Speaking of recipes, this is the recipe book that I have.  It's full of blank pages to write recipes in....

I have some filled in

I have been asking my family and friends to send me their special recipes.  My goal is to fill up this book before then end of 2016.

I will say to you as well, 
if you have a special recipe you would like to share with me....
please leave it in the comment section -- add at least your first name and I will add it to my book 

My favorite purchase....yep a tea kettle.  I've been eyeing them and I finally settled for this one. 
Stocked up on some Earl Grey black tea.......

And Autumn.   I haven't made the trip to storage to get the fall decorations. Maybe this weekend.  But I simply could not resist this happy little mum plant....
Just a glance at it and the entire house seems decorated for fall...

My favorite photo shared on facebook this week

This was shared through the app - Time hop

One of my precious little granddaughters..

Last week I had a give a way on this blog.  

A hand crochet bookmark - made by me...

Didn't have much interest in it... but that's okay.  It was my first give a way

My dear friend --- Laura.  You are the winner <3

Please use it to pass on to one of your friends <3

Thank you for stopping by.

Hope you each have a beautiful week ahead.
See you next week.

Love and Light
Faith and Hope
Joy and Delight.


Mary and Jon --- the flame is eternal <3
the rainbow is promise <3

My wish to all...

 Let the light of Love, faith and hope keep you each far from the dark

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Coloring - in the books -- on the trees.

Another week comes to an end....and the next begins.

The weather has heated back up a bit here in Virginia but it still has the feel of Autumn.

In the parking lot where one of my daughters work... there is a little tree that is racing ahead of all the other ones.   I guess it wanted to take our breath away first.

No shopping trips this week.  I spent the early part of the week sick with a bad cold and ear infections.    I was able to return to work on Thursday and have made a steady recovery since then.

My daughter Susan was in some intense pain yesterday so we went to the emergency room at a local hospital.  She had symptoms of appendicitis.    I took her and we were there for many hours.  They thought it could be a ovarian cyst but they had to be sure about the appendix.  She had some issues with extreme nausea and being sick as well.

At about four am, after a number of blood tests, a ultra sound and a ct scan, it was determined that it is indeed a ovarian cyst.  So they gave her some pain medicine and let us go.

I got home around 4:30 am, went to sleep.  Woke up at noon today and then remained tired most of the day.  Really tried to mix up my days and nights!

As I mentioned in the twitter account that belongs to this blog, I am hosting my first give-a-way on this blog this week.

I do a lot of crochet and currently am making a couple of bookmarks for two very special girls.

I made this one a little different to use 

To qualify for a drawing for this weeks give a way,

1.   leave a comment on this blog and 
2.   send me a email to   

In the email, please tell me the name that you use when you comment on the blog!

That's all you have to do.

If you are the name chosen I will send you a email requesting your address so I may send the bookmark to you. (all names will be put into a bowl and one drawn on Saturday, September 26 2015)

The give a way is this crochet thread bookmark - hand made by me :-)

If you are on twitter - please follow the blog at 

Who else has jumped on the new passtime of grown up coloring?

I mean, being a mom and Nana, I have colored over the years in the kids coloring books.  Lisa Frank books were always my favorite when my girls were growing up.

But now, there are grown up coloring books!  

And on pinterest -- there are so many links to free pages to save and print out.

It was hard to choose which book.   The enchanted forest was beautiful.  As was the tropical.

I personally have a thing for cities.  When I used to play facebook games, my favorites were the ones where you build cities...

so I bought this book.

These are some complicated, beautiful pages.

This was kind of the introduction page so I started with it.

The very first picture in the book is the one I decided to begin with.   My goal with this one is to make this page as colorful as I can.

Using colored pencils

Here are a few glimpses of some pages in this amazing book...

Then, I decided to look around on pinterest for free grown up coloring pages.  I found hundreds of them.

Simpler pattern and designs.  So now I have a folder on my desktop-- full of designs to print.

I don' t know if the phase will pass as far as retail merchants go, but I think this will be a passtime that I will enjoy for many years to come.

My favorite pictures shared on facebook this week were two...

The first is of two of my precious grand babies.  Anna and Patrick.  

There was a bag of stuffed animals on my porch that someone had given my son, so I got it out to let them go through and pick some out.

and next, this is one of my beautiful boys - Oscar. 
(Shhhh he thought he was hiding)


Beginning next week, I'm going to go back to sharing some of my favorite holiday recipes with you all and maybe some new ones I come across.

Before we know it, the holiday season will be upon us.  Time goes so fast doesn't it....

I just got used to seeing the fall stuff in all the retail stores - as well as the addition of Halloween merchandise...but today, I saw this.   

and I love Christmas.... but I'm really not ready to let go of fall, which has only just begun!

I wish you each a beautiful week ahead and I thank you for stopping by.

Every day, I am still trying my best to do something or be aware of something to "Make it Count".  I still challenge you to do the same.

Kindness is a wonderful gift that we can freely give.

And the candle continues to glow for my Mary and her love, Jon.  Each day, each sunrise and then sunset, each spin of this beautiful planet we call home... brings them one day closer to being together again.

As always, prayers and love sent to all.  May you always have light to find your way here in the dark.

All of the darkness in the world cannot hide the light from a single candle.