Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Week 13 - As each Day unfolds...Another Adventure Begins

This week has been so interesting.  I have lived in this small town for quite a number of years.  And believe me, it's not big.   Typical small town USA......but quaint and I truly love it here.

There are places in town I have never been yet.... like the D-Day Memorial.  The Civil War Museum.  
But over the years, I have visited most of the stores, the Visitors center, the parks etc..

We also have a notable haunted house here.... plus lots of history

The Avenel House.


I haven't visited inside yet....

Just a few days ago, one of my daughters told me to meet her at a park here in town.  I've never heard of the park and had never been there.

On the grounds, there were several historical buildings.  I assume they belonged to the farm that donated the land for the park.   I found them fascinating.  You couldn't go inside but I took the opportunity to do a little black and white photography.

The park itself was awesome for families.   People were unloading their coolers, their bikes, their children.   A huge play area.  A wonderful walking trail.   

And just adding a color one so you can see the fading red of the barn....

Also this week, I continue to watch as spring unfolds here in Virginia.

Simply beautiful.

Another Discovery I made this week was a trip to the Peaks of Otter.  Those incredible mountains that I photograph so much.    I hope to climb to the top this summer.   But in the meantime, I have never been up there to the place where you begin and end the climb.   It's beautiful there.  The pictures are in black and white but I hope you get a sense of the presence of the mountains.

And to end that particular adventure, we came home via the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I only got a couple of pictures ..but as always, it's so uplifting to drive along the ridge of these beautiful mountains that I call home....

As each new day unfolds, another adventure begins.

Live your life to the fullest.

Thanks for visiting.  See you next week.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Week 12 - The Keeper of the Stars

What does that mean to you?  Who is the keeper of the stars?

Depending on our faith, belief system and our minds, the Keeper of the Stars can be a very interesting entity indeed.

Sometimes in life, we move on the wrong path, the wrong direction.  Sometimes I think our soul tries to tell us this...it manifest itself into unhappiness.  Negativity.  Sadness.  Separation from your higher self ....

As we continue to travel on this winding path, sometimes it is enough that we know it is not the right way to go.  And we adjust ourselves.  A sigh can escape us as things begin to fall back into place.  We have that light, happy feeling.  Contentment.  A feeling of belonging.  So we continue on.... going the way we were meant to go for the short time we are here on the earth plane.

But sometimes we cannot see that we are on the wrong path.  Gentle nudges and bumps from our spirit guides, angels, guardians or whatever you perceive them to be do not detour us and we keep marching along.  Taking impressionable loved ones with us.  Trudging up a steep hill full of sadness, anger, depression, hostility and separation.

At this time, if we are indeed blessed the gentle nudging turns into something radical.  Something more like a slap in the face.   A body slam to the floor.  A knock out punch.

And as we recover from the brutal awakening... the path we were meant to be on is clearly in front of us.   And we sigh because we know it's always been there.   Always.

And if we are exceptionally lucky, when this happens, we will realize the error of our ways.  We will seek forgiveness from the ones we have hurt and we will forgive ourselves.  Because we have to forgive ourselves.  Always.  We simply cannot move forward to where we are meant to be without first forgiving ourselves......

And we will breathe gratitude.  It will come from our soul, from our very center.  From our heart.

And all will be right in our world.  As it should be.

So, I tip my hat

to the Keeper of the Stars.

Thank you.

Spring has pretty much arrived here in Virginia.  There are robins everywhere and daffodils are blooming.  The grass is looking more green.... and some of my neighbors have started mowing -- now personally, I think that is pushing it a bit.......

The Picture of the Week that I want to share is

My little granddaughter -- Anna.

She has one of her Aunt Becky's make up brushes. So precious.

Getting a little crafty... and swapping fun stuff with some awesome friends at 

I sent 2 crochet dishcloths.....

and she sent me back awesome ATC (artist trading cards)  I am in love with these cards and look forward to collecting more...and maybe even making some in the future 
(my favorite was Wilma and Betty)

I also experimented with a little bit of mail art....

and my favorite thing I received this week is my Nana sticker :-)

In crochet, I'm making five of these little purple bags for my friend Azurae at

They will each have a beautiful Amethyst stone placed in them and be sent to various spiritual places around the world.

And a picture I took earlier this week, of what I had purchased for a Christmas decoration but ended up leaving it at the most frequently used entrance to my home...

is this beautiful star.

It will remind me to thank my Keeper of the Stars for her intervention.

Thanks for visiting!  I'm already looking forward to week Thirteen of 2015.

Much Love

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Weeks 9-10 and 11 - Derailments and More....

A lot of changes... a lot of life lessons... a lot of forgiveness... a lot of understanding







Putting away the old ways for the right ways...

So many things these past several weeks.

Moving forward with Love in my heart.

and this time...

keeping Love in my life as well.

It's important.

Whispering Horn will be back on track this weekend... 

Her author is.

Much love to all