Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye to 2015......

Using some fabulous workbooks I purchased for 2016..... 

I learned how important it is to close out 2015.

Be thankful for the blessings first...

and there were so many.

Say goodbye to the difficult times.  The difficult people.  The hurt feelings.  The sadness.  The depression... the worry.

All of 2015 had to be... as part of this journey.

So goodbye.  Thank you for the memories.  And some of it...
no, I don't care to repeat it.

Setting the goals and placing the intentions for 2016.

And it's going to be simply a fabulous year.

Happy New Year everyone.

Follow your dreams.... step onto the rainbow.

Mary and Jon.....they are still burning for you guys

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Mid Week Ramblings -- Just a lil poetry.....

Hello!  Hope your week is running along nice and smooth.. and if you are much better than me.. your Christmas shopping is nearly done.
I live for the last minute Christmas shopping!  Too late to change it now.

We've had a lot or rain here in Virginia this first part of the week....

I captured this photo at lunch time today

Every single day... since I asked for guidance... since I turned on the switch... since I moved from I wish I could do I'm going to do this....

Everything has changed.

I am motivated.  I am excited.  I am listening and every single day I pledge to do something to move toward my goals of 2016...

And I will share more as the journey unfolds...

for now.
I'll share a little bit of my writing with you.

I wrote these yesterday.

You may share them if you wish... I only ask that you leave my copyright on them and it would be lovely if you would add a link back to this blog....

As the World Moves On  

And as time moved on, she didn't.
She felt that it hadn't moved even tho the world continued to turn
The loss had stolen her drive
her purpose
And now all that was familiar and kind
is now strange
and dark
She is moving through the space that she fills
with what appears to be grace and strength
but it is not
she cries to the reflection in the looking glass
it is not
Another step, just one more
as she moves forward 
while her soul stays back there
The pieces - too many to count
too vast to pick up
so she left them 
and moved on
As the world continued to turn
with outward grace she dances the steps to the tune of life
and the mirror reflects her hollowed eyes
her broken soul
And outside the window 
the world comes to life with the rising sun
She sighs and for an instant she feels...
but it's gone that quick
As the birds sing their song of daybreak
she moves to the silence that engulfs her world.



Which shall it be 
All are possible
All are probable
With a thought
a desire
a need
There is no control
There is no reversal
There is only fire
And tomorrow
all that remain will be smoldering embers.


Make them Cry

Make them cry
she said
Touch their soul
it bled
Pour out heart
pour out regret
loosing the fire
the words all said
Make them feel
Touch their tears
outstretched hands
the tremor of fear
no holding it back
no locking it up
raw and unfiltered
sharply abrupt
Make them cry 
she said
As their tears formed
all caution fled

©Debbie Mitchell

I really enjoyed the #30daysofgratitude for November.

For December I'm doing 31 #glimpseofme
which will be random pictures of what I have and what I love...

Started out with these two glimpses...

Thanks for stopping by mid week with me and my ramblings!

check the blog out on twitter

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and instagram

Hope the rest of your week is simply marvelous <3

Light and Love

It burns for you guys.... Mary and Jon <3

Friday, November 27, 2015

So Ready for December....

Yes, my blog is ready for the Christmas season.... which is my favorite season of all.

We had a very nice Thanksgiving dinner yesterday at my daughter Amanda's house.  My daughter Mary wasn't able to come home and my youngest daughter Rebecca had to work all day.... but I tried to use the day to always be thankful for our blessings as a family.

Amanda had her Christmas tree up... and it is so beautiful.

I did a little bit of Christmas shopping after 6 pm yesterday.  But not too much.  It was kind of funny... Black Friday shopping --  our local Walmart..... they were pretty much done with all of their black FRIDAY items before midnight on Thursday.    I won't get started on how the greed of the retailers has ruined the entire black Friday shopping experience..moving their sales to Thanksgiving Day, interrupting family time. but I truly believe it will bite them in the long run..... A lot of sales began as early at 2 pm.   I did not go out until after 7 pm, which caused me to miss most of the exceptional bargains...  but I pledged to wait until after 6 pm to myself.

One of my purchases..... fell in love with this ornament on sight....

Today is Clean the House and Move the Furniture Around day so we can put our Christmas decorations up tomorrow.  I'm very excited about this.   For quite a number of years now, we have purchased a live tree each Christmas.  And I do love having a live tree, but I made a decision to go back to artificial this year.  And thanks to one of my daughters, I was able to get a nice one at a great price last night.   She picked it up for me at the store she was shopping at.
It is prelit and my favorite feature of the tree is.... colored lights.  Or, you can switch it to white lights.
Makes me smile...

I'm just about winding up my daily gratitude series on facebook, instagram and twitter.

It's been fun and I do enjoy the challenges.

There will be a couple of new ones for December..... lol

And with plans in the works to begin a new sales project of a wonderful product that I have fallen in love with AND with the planning of officially opening our Family Business later in 2016, I am excited to be ordering these wonderful workbooks from Leonie Dawson!!

My crochet projects....

Working on the second meditaion shawl...

First one is finished..

Better pictures after they are gifted to two very special people <3

Work in progress inventory item...

Two thread scarf...

This weeks Virtual Trip...

Sorry, I can't help myself.... I am sooooooo into the Christmas Spirit!!

On the Recipe Pot today...

One of my favorite Christmas Cookie websites!!

Some favorite pictures shared on facebook...

Still some fall color in front of my house

A brand new day -- what a gift!!

Goodmorning Moon

My daughter Rebecca and granddaughter Kaidyn.
Rebecca is the greatest Aunt ever <3

I wish you a wonderful week ahead as November comes to a close and December begins.

And however you celebrate the holiday season.... I pray that the Light touches every moment of your life!!

See you soon

And the light burns... 
to keep the darkness away...
to keep hope alive...
and for Love. <3

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mid Week Rambling -- Gratefulness

Hi everyone!

I've decided to start a mid week rambling on Whispering Horn.

You never know what it might be about....


Tonight, I'm sharing the daily gratitudes that I'm doing on facebook, instagram and twitter.

The hashtag I've used is

Day 1

....thankful today for things in life that continue to bloom with blessings

Day 2

thankful for balloons...laughter...giggles..hugs...and precious time with all of these beautiful grandbabies I have been blessed with. 

Day 3

 So thankful for my home...the feeling there...the love within the walls.

Day 4

.well..I had to add coffee

Day 5

I am grateful for each and every well as the sunsets.

Day 6

grateful for the sentimental things....there are so many :-)

Day 7

Grateful for my Family and my Friends. Without them I could not put one foot in front of the other ... <3

Day 8

.grateful today for something as simple as the message board that my family writes on...

Day 9

The ability to crochet...memories of my grandmother teaching me. Feeling closer to her when I do.

Day 10

grateful for this boy that I love so much...

Day 11

grateful for this simple prayer... and I'm still learning the difference.


I just finished the first book in Nora Roberts latest trilogy....

Stars of Fortune (The Guardian Trilogy)

and as always, I love her storytelling.

And this week, I've learned about Jamberry Nail wraps... I'm attending a party of facebook and will be hosting my own in January....

Hope the rest of your week is great!! 

See you this weekend.

Love and Light to you all