Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Burning Candles and Rainbow Trails...

Hello there...

I will be re decorating the blog for fall over Labor Day Weekend.

I am looking forward to the three day weekend :-)

For now,

the post has one purpose.

My daughter Mary is in need of healing prayer, candles, love and positive thoughts.

You can read her blog  -- link located to the right of this entry.

A huge accomplishment is finished but now the waiting and the stress..

so won't you help me out by

Sending some prayer her way....

by lighting some candles....

and adding to the rainbow trail of love being sent just for her and Jon.

Wont you please stay a moment and using the light from these candles

Send prayer and love for success, ease and smooth immigration for Mary so she may join her husband, Jon in England 

Yellow Candles.....

Orange Candles.....

Purple Candles...

and as always

White Candles for purity-- for deliverance of prayers and Light.

Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your love.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Weeks 5 & 6 - a Skip.... and a Trace.

Hello everyone

Sorry I missed a week.

I have had some pretty serious health issues, but things seems to be moving in the right direction now.

My doctor of course put me on cholesterol lowing medications, which I expected.  But the blood pressure being so high was not something I expected.  I have had a hard time adjusting to the medication and some pretty scary moments but today has been a turning point day for me.  So I am hopeful for continued improvements.

Weekend before last, we had some wonderful family time at the lake.

Here are a few highlights

This weeks website share

In Crochet

I haven't spent as much time as I would like on the bed doll, but I have made progress.  I'm on the final edging of the bottom ruffle :)


A couple of Highlights from the #365HappyDays

Nature Photography


I have sent and received some happy mail the past few weeks.  These wonderful people know how to bring a smile.

and this....

Moments of Inspiration

My favorite Video/Song of the Week

Florida Georgia Line - Cruise (featuring Nelly)

Prayer to Share

Thank you so much for visiting.  I hope your week ahead is filled with light and love.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 4 - A moment...

Hello!  It has been such a week past.....

No big adventures to share.  Just a much needed trip to a new doctor, some tests ran, results in and moving forward.

The bloodwork didn't come back as bad as I thought it might except for the cholesterol numbers.

Blood pressure has been real high, but taking it twice a day, the numbers have come down. 


Time to go on cholesterol lowering medication and stay on it.  Doctor said for the next three months, a low fat diet.  Beginning immediately.  Now, that's gonna take some effort for me.

In the oven is a wonderful smelling meatloaf.... on the stove are some potatoes who are anxious to be mashed and in the sink are some lovely eggs that I intend to devil.    

But seriously, I made this doctor appointment because I needed a new doctor and it is my intention to listen to him...

so its a trip to the pharmacy tomorrow and some changes in my diet.  And maybe a little more walking and visiting the Y.

Hubby and I did establish some order around here.   We moved the turtle tank and set her up in the living room.  She has been in my room for a long time now.  It's so nice to have her out here where all of the family can enjoy her.

Her name is Charlotte <3

We also made our weekly trip to the recycle center and hubby worked on some vacuuming and stuff like that today.

I've had some spells of light dizziness all week - blood pressure related - so I haven't done too much.

Got hooked back up with my Sims2 game a few days but then decided it would be much more productive to watch something on Netflix and crochet.

This Week's Website Share

In Crochet

Not as much time spent as I wanted this week (because of my several days building in the Sims2

But steady progress on that bottom ruffle.

Hope to have it finished this week.


A couple of Highlights from the #365HappyDays

Our beautiful Flower <3

A random baby doll just sitting around that belongs to one of my lovely little grand daugthers'

Nature Photography


Last week I shared with you photos of the Butterfly themed pocket letter I received.

Now that my partner has received... this week I share with you what I sent out.

I had so much fun making this :)

and something I received from another swap.... 

it was to send a card and a bible verse.  My partner sent me some tea too which I loved.

Moments of Inspiration

My Favorite Video/Song of the Week

Long Train Running the Doobie Brothers

A Prayer to Share

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope your week ahead is filled with love, life and laughter <3