Sunday, August 30, 2015

Finishing up August

This final week of August here in Virginia has been lovely.   Not too hot during the day, and almost in need of a sweater at night.   Not too chilly fall.   Just nice...perfect summertime weather.

Yesterday, we attended the Bedford County Fair.  They are just starting it up again after so many years of not having it.

I had a great time looking at all the entries into competition.  There were paintings, artwork, crochet, knitting, cakes and home canned variety of foods.

I hope this part of the fair will grow.  I would love to see quilts, sewing, woodworking and more.

Next year, I will add a few crochet entries.  I've never entered anything into competition at a fair and have always wanted to.

So for awhile, the search will be on for what I want to enter.  Right now they only have apparel and afghans.   So maybe a cute photo prop and also a afghan.  

Here are a few photos I took.  My daughter Amanda and her four children, Trenton, Gwen, Kaylen and Brandon came.  Also my son Robert and his daughter Kaidyn.   My daughter Susan came with Gage, Patrick and Anna.   My youngest daughter Becky came with her boyfriend Dakota.

We met up with Ronnie and Bonnie and their granddaughter Emily.

The smaller kids each got a to pick out a inflatable toy.  Of course there were funnel cakes, fried oreos, hot dogs and more to be eaten.  Not to mention some yummy lemonade.  All over priced but all a very large part of the fair experience.

Dakota played the goldfish game and won two goldfish for Becky.  They are now in a bowl happily swimming around.   We are going to get them a tank next week.

And my favorite picture of the week was the one I captured as the sun was setting behind the fair....

no filters....this picture is as it truly looked.   Breath taking.

Saturday also brought a little bit of fun with my youngest daughter Becky.  We went to the local goodwill store and had a good time browsing through everything.  We got a couple of really good bargain.
I found this lovely tea cup and saucer.  I just had to buy it and it was then that I realized how much I love tea cups and saucers.

When I was a child, my great-great aunt Sally had a beautiful collection of them in a corner cabinet of her dining room.  I was always fascinated with them.

I really don't need to start a collection but I will keep my eyes peeled for ones, like this first one I have purchased, that catch my eye.   Not out for monetary value, just for ones I might come across that I like.   They will remind my of Aunt Sally.   She was a big part of my life for a few years as I was growing up.   She moved to Florida with some very dear friends and even tho we all kept in touch through letters and phone calls - I never got to see her again.

This is another reason that I love social media so much today.   I remember how it used to be.  Aunt Sally for example.   How I would have loved to see pictures, and updates for her life after she moved away.   Being that close to people I love today is such a blessing.   Such a gift.

I'm still in summer mode... even tho September is ready to arrive.  And with September, the beauty of Autumn comes around.   

As always, weekends go way too fast.  Back to work tomorrow.  But next weekend....three days off.

And the world lost a wonderful soul today....
Dr. Wayne Dyer

And he left us with something we should all remember....


Tuesday, August 25, 2015


It has truly been a lovely summer.... and it's not over yet.

Even tho all of the retail stores are stocking up on all of the beautiful fall decor.....which are truly the colors I love the most....but I'm just not ready to give up summer yet.   Not yet.

We've had grandkids birthday parties... kiddie pool time in the back yard....trips to the park,. a trip to beach at Smith Mountain Lake state park..... a trip to Bridgewater marina.. and having a blast in the arcade.... feeding popcorn to the carp....a little bit of yard of sunsets, nights sitting with the moon...

Today was absolutely perfect.   Temeratures in the eighties.  A wonderful breeze, white puffy clouds and a vivid blue sky.   

We have four additions to our pet family. 4 little boy kittens.   Monte, Gruff, Stripe and Jack.

And me personally....

I've been doing a much better job taking care of myself.  Turned vegetarian for half of August.  And it did what I needed it broke the cycle of fast food and unhealthy food choices.

Working toward a much healthier me...and hoping to avoid hospitals and things like that....

This has been a summer of family.  Of my beautiful daughters.  Each with their own challenges, choices, heartaches, fears and dreams.

And my sons, much of the same, along with making me extremely proud for the men they have become.

And we are so full.  We are so blessed.  

There is not one day that goes by that I don't express my gratitude.  Not one day.

I look forward to spending more time with this blog as fall approaches and then the quiet of winter.
Also, working more with the Walking with Spirit.....

But for now, I read.  I work.  I crochet.  I laugh.  I watch a little tv, I sing to music,  I talk.  I cry just a little at times but those times are fewer and far between, and now, my tears would fall for the broken heart or sadness of someone I love....and not for my own.

Tomorrow is not promised.

We all know this.

We need to live this.

Do it today.  Don't wait.  Don't put off life.

Live it now.

All we have is now.

The past is gone... no rewind button in this life.
The future is yet foggy and waiting patiently for us.

Much love to my dear friends who read my words and stick with me.