Sunday, January 15, 2017

Week 3 --- the colors of the canvas blend.....

Hello there!

Hope your first half of January has been marvelous!

Here in Virginia, we've been able to experience several seasons of weather.

Snow, bitter cold and ice......wind... then rain, mud and temperatures reaching into the 60's

I've been feeling much better this week.   Had a little trouble with my blood pressure again and a irregular heartbeat.   But things have settled down and I'm grateful.

Started getting into a new routine for exercise and better health.   Having to start very slow and work my way into longer times....but after 1 week there was such a difference in how I felt when starting and ending the routine.

I remember back when my mom was on so many medications for her heart,, blood sugar.. blood pressure etc... and the doctor told her... If you would just walk for 15 minutes a day... it will change your health more than you can even imagine.   But she did not do it.

My health is no where near as bad as hers was at my age... but I'm trying to do the right thing and take care of myself the best that I can.  But it's so easy to Not.   So, I'm starting very slow.   I am active at work but it's different to be busy at work... moving around.. being in a fast paced environment... and then to have the steady rhythm of walking or stretching or light exercise.   I don't know the why's as to why it's different... but it is.

So for now it's been stretching a little and walking.. or walking in place.  Only 5 minutes to start on the walking and will increase that by 2 minutes per week.   I should be ready for the 3 mile loop in Bedford by spring.  I used to walk it just fine and it's been disheartening after all these blood pressure issues to not be able to.   But... I'm taking it slow and steady and already seeing results.

This Week in Crochet

I completed the cutest set of Froggie coasters and a coffee cup cozy.   Fixed it all together in a backet of frogs as a RAK or surprise for one of my daughters.


I received some awesome stuff this past week.  I'm preparing swaps to send out tomorrow.

This one was called... Envelope of Randomness....

My partner took the time to check out my profile and send me such awesome stuff!!

Then I received my crochet coasters from my partner along with a wonderful note :)

The next swap was a special one indeed....

It's Called Random Acts of Kindness.

We had to go this this awesome etsy store

.... purchase something that benefits the family of their cousin/uncle Joe who has passed on

and then once we receive our purchase... we send something we purchased to our partner along with a letter talking about a random act of kindness we had performed.

So... this is my order.   I ordered extra because I wanted to be a part of this... and because the items offered were wonderful!!

What a way to honor the passing of a loved one.... and what a way to share kindness on Swap Bot.

Had a fun trip to Dollar Tree last night with a couple of my daughters.

Had to pick up some fun stuff for a swap going out tomorrow... (Blue Things)

and they are starting to stock for spring!!

I know, I know... it's a little early.   Valentines Day stuff everywhere... St Patricks and even some Easter...

but what caught my eye was the coming of Spring!!!

so... I picked up a bunch of seed packets :-)

Will keep some but sharing most in swaps and letters I will be sending out.

I'll leave you this week with a couple of inspirations and a song...

My friends..... Be Blessed in all that You Do!!!

See you on Wednesday with a Wordless Post....

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  1. I love the swaps and the frog stuff so much!! <3 <3 And I'm super proud of you for wanting to be in more control of your health! Taking it slowly is the best bet :)