Friday, December 2, 2016

Fridays - Flowers and Rainbows and a little bit of Poetry

Friday..... it has been my favorite day of the week for years and years....

Today I'm sharing some poetry with you.

These were written by me many years ago...

The Tea Cup

 (Deborah Mitchell)

Sitting here, reflecting on today

The tea cup rattles lightly as I place it back on its saucer

A full day, a blessed day..

A gently breeze ruffles the leaves nearby

The song of a bird fills the air


Yes, I am blessed

A full life, people who love me, who need me...


Yes, I have joy

I call them grandchildren, 

giggles and smiles

being called Nana..

As the day draws to an end

the sun sets behind the tallest mountain.

As the world darkens 

my life shines within me as a tiny flame

The light, the love

the blessings, gifts

I take a sip of my tea, 

silently thanking God for it all

the tea cup rattles lightly 

as I place it back on its saucer.

The Mirror Reflects

(Deborah Mitchell)

Years slip away

the mirror reflects

That she has grown older

she didn't expect

Things changed so quickly

fine lines, graying hair

Where did time go

life doesn't seem fair

Once a young girl

stared back with bright eyes

Now she s still there

she s just in disguise

Her eyes a little sadder

her chin a little lower

Deep inside she s the same

she s only grown older.

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. I can relate to the one on growing older. Age is such a strange thing. All of the volunteers I work with at the community garden are in their early 30s and yet I don't feel like there's any age difference between us ... but of course there is, since I'm 50. Best wishes, Tammy