Thursday, December 29, 2016

Finishing up 2016 - Heading for 2017

Hello everyone!

It was such a busy Christmas season for me.  But we are all blessed... and I am grateful.

I finish up 2016 as I am looking forward to 2017.

I got most of my house in order... or at least in better order than it was..

I've started crocheting again.

I'm active and feeling much better.

My blood pressure is under control most of the time.

I ate "terrible for me" foods all during the holiday season.. and now I must begin to rectify that.

I have my basket of journals ready and organized for the new year


I'm beginning a Bible in One year study program that I am very excited about.  For Christmas, my youngest daughter bought me a Inspire Bible which is a coloring/journal Bible.  I got a new set of colored pencils last night. 

At the moment, I'm battling a ear infection in both ears and sinus.  Dr gave me antibiotics today, so I'm expecting things to improve.

The next thing I will be doing in 2017 - I've joined a group on Ravelry.  Each month, they put up a 12 inch crochet square pattern that we all do.   Then they also include another 12 inch as a filler.  We do this every month and at the end of the year.... a beautiful blanket can be made.

I decided on my colors today...these are the colors that will be used all year on the squares.  White will always be the trim and maybe some accent.

and this first afghan will be a gift for some dear friends of mine.

I will keep up with each square on my ravelry account for those who have one... please add me as a friend if you wish.

My Ravelry Page

I've decided to organize my Listography page too.  I love making lists and have had such a good time with it in the past.  You can view progress here...

Debbie's Listography

For this blog... I've done various things.   Usually life gets in the way... or I get tired and I don't go forward with templates for the day etc...

So I'm wiping all that out for 2017.

I'm pledging to myself to add to the blog at least weekly, and more if I can.   I love the Wordless Post Wednesdays, so hope to continue with that.    The rest.... I will write about what happens as it happens, and share what comes when it comes.

I hope to use the "pages" feature here on blogger a little more this year to share specific things like family events, crafts and maybe feature some things from others.  Rolling these ideas around.

My family had such a blessed and joyful Christmas.  I am so grateful for so many things and plan to carry this gratitude in my heart with my last breath here on earth and beyond.

I'm still on the journey of de-cluttering my home and life.   That will continue in 2017.

Reading challenges too.    Keeping it simple this year.   My goal will be 12 Books.    I'll also have a challenge for 52 movies.  My choices will mostly be classic black and whites for 2017.    These challenges will be shared on my Listography and mentioned here in the blog.

Kindness is always a huge factor in my life and I plan to use the coming year to spread it around like confetti.

Get healthy.... yes indeed.   Eating better and walking... these are my goals.   If I lose a little weight in the process.... Awesome!

Letter writing.... the old fashioned way.   I will send emails because I love sending and receiving those too.... but want to spend more time with old fashioned letter writing.   Swap-bot is a good outlet for this but I also have my beautiful daughter in England to write to as well!!!

Wish a sigh we prepare to say goodbye to 2016.   Some think it was a horrible year.  Some think it was a fantastic year.   Me?   I'm grateful for the year in my life and the memories that were made.  I'm grateful that the world keeps turning and the sun keeps rising and that hearts continue to fill and spread love to one another.

This coming year I commit to more prayer for our beautiful world full of incredible souls.

So farewell to 2016.   Thank you for your blessings and your lessons.  Thank you for your kindness and your pain.  

2017 -- I am ready.   I am looking forward to you with such wonder and excitement!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

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