Monday, September 12, 2016

Beginnings of September

Whether or not the calendar says so....Fall has arrived around here.  

In the retail stores...

all of the wonderful pumpkin spice everything in the restaurants ...

Temperatures a little bit cooler, especially at night.

I truly love each season as it comes but there is just something about Autumn. 

I have a new feature to this blog.... there are some stand alone pages now and more will be added as time goes on.

The first page is Candles and Prayers.

This page will always be up for basically what it says....

You can use the tabs right below the blog header to visit.

The second tab is Characters.

Monthly, there will be characters that I create shared.   These characters are available for you to use or adapt to your needs if you wish.  The reason I'm doing them is for personal writing time and because I enjoy it.

In the future, there will be more stand along pages added.

As intended, the blog will still remain a weekly blog. 

One of the future pages will be Wordless Wednesday - where images will be posted on Wednesdays.

Now, on to the past weeks.

We had some fun family time at a local park..

 Adults being kids is always my favorite thing to see
Taking advantage of the cool water mist

Smile for Nana please.....

A fun trip to a local thrift store found some wonderful children's books for the grand babies.

And taking some of them out for a fun lunch of Happy Meals

and of course, McCafe for this Nana....

This week's website share...

I'm sharing the Character Chart that I love to use - at least at the beginning when creating a character.

Character Chart

In Crochet...

Beginning the Second ruffle at the bottom.   Once this one is done, rest of the project should move along a little faster...

 A few highlights from the #365HappyDays

Summertime friendships

Green acorns

Nature Photography


Above is a ATC (artistic trading card) that I made and sent.  The theme was Coffee.

I received a lovely card and some tea as part of a swap

Moments of Inspiration

My favorite Video/Song of the Week

For September 11 - A Tribute
The Sound of Silence - (Disturbed)

Prayer to Share

Thanks so much for visiting!  I hope that your week ahead is simply beautiful.

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  1. You really have a knack for photography, especially of Nature! :)

    As always, I love seeing pics of the kids <3 These slices of life from down south make me feel comforted and connected.

    I love the tabs and ideas you have!! :)