Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 4 - A moment...

Hello!  It has been such a week past.....

No big adventures to share.  Just a much needed trip to a new doctor, some tests ran, results in and moving forward.

The bloodwork didn't come back as bad as I thought it might except for the cholesterol numbers.

Blood pressure has been real high, but taking it twice a day, the numbers have come down. 


Time to go on cholesterol lowering medication and stay on it.  Doctor said for the next three months, a low fat diet.  Beginning immediately.  Now, that's gonna take some effort for me.

In the oven is a wonderful smelling meatloaf.... on the stove are some potatoes who are anxious to be mashed and in the sink are some lovely eggs that I intend to devil.    

But seriously, I made this doctor appointment because I needed a new doctor and it is my intention to listen to him...

so its a trip to the pharmacy tomorrow and some changes in my diet.  And maybe a little more walking and visiting the Y.

Hubby and I did establish some order around here.   We moved the turtle tank and set her up in the living room.  She has been in my room for a long time now.  It's so nice to have her out here where all of the family can enjoy her.

Her name is Charlotte <3

We also made our weekly trip to the recycle center and hubby worked on some vacuuming and stuff like that today.

I've had some spells of light dizziness all week - blood pressure related - so I haven't done too much.

Got hooked back up with my Sims2 game a few days but then decided it would be much more productive to watch something on Netflix and crochet.

This Week's Website Share

In Crochet

Not as much time spent as I wanted this week (because of my several days building in the Sims2

But steady progress on that bottom ruffle.

Hope to have it finished this week.


A couple of Highlights from the #365HappyDays

Our beautiful Flower <3

A random baby doll just sitting around that belongs to one of my lovely little grand daugthers'

Nature Photography


Last week I shared with you photos of the Butterfly themed pocket letter I received.

Now that my partner has received... this week I share with you what I sent out.

I had so much fun making this :)

and something I received from another swap.... 

it was to send a card and a bible verse.  My partner sent me some tea too which I loved.

Moments of Inspiration

My Favorite Video/Song of the Week

Long Train Running the Doobie Brothers

A Prayer to Share

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope your week ahead is filled with love, life and laughter <3

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