Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 3 - Straight on....

A big welcome to the month of August!!

Summer is in full swing even though the retail stores are beginning to stock for Halloween and Fall.

I absolutely LOVE fall decor and colors, so I enjoy looking at it all but I'm not ready to give up summer yet.

It has been a successful week with keeping myself surrounded by the Positive in life.  And there is so very much.   I moved away from political posts and debates... I've limited my news exposure and I have made it a daily requirement for myself to find at least one Good news article and or heartwarming post every time I log onto the internet.
And it has made such a difference in the lightness in my heart.  Also in the way I reflect myself to my family and friends.

For me, it was all about changing habits.

It was all about seeing a political comment on social media... and Not reading all of the associated comments (whether I agreed or disagreed with the originial post)  

It was about spending my spare time doing the things that I love and sharing moments with the people I love.

Creating memories and living for today.

Moving on with this way of life for the week ahead.

And keeping the thought alive for Simplicity in life.

Next hurdle.... Order.

Clearing some more of the chaos.  Getting rid of things I do not need.

My personal challenge for the upcoming week...

Made a difference in my life by choosing what to throw away, give away or donate.

The highlight of the past week was my youngest granddaughter's 2nd Birthday party!!

Emma turns 2

This Weeks Website Share

The CBS Radio Mystery Theater

In Crochet


Completed the second round of the bottom ruffle and just started on the third round :)

Some highlights from the #365HappyDays

Showing support for our uniformed officers always.

Nature Photography


I received some awesome things this week!

This one is for a journal swap.

This next one is for a Butterfly themed Pocket Letter I received!  It's just beautiful and the first one going in my binder!

Moment of Inspiration

My Favorite Video/Song of the Week

A Prayer to Share

Once more, thank you so much for stopping by.

I hope your First week of  August is full of Love and Light

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