Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 2 . Keeping the Faith


It has been such a hot week here in Virginia.  Temperatures maintaining in the 90's.  Not much rain but we are still very lucky from all the rain we had... everything is still lush and green.

Last week was pretty much ordinary for myself and my family.   I did spend two days very sick but have scheduled a doctors appointment for early August for routine testing.

Sharing some Positive

Keeping the faith, even in a world of turmoil.  Turning away from the news media, trying to read just enough to be an informed citizen but knowing that I'll never get the whole truth.  Letting it go and following my heart.  Listening to my soul.  

I still have the dream of simplicity in my life.  I've had it for years... and I have made some changes but I hope to continue to get rid of the excess and live lighter.  Focusing my attention more within.

On Sunday, we went to Bridgewater Marina on Smith Mountain Lake.  It was so very hot!   The grandbabies got to feed some popcorn to the carp and ducks.

We played in their fabulous arcade for a while and then had pizza.  The kids had such a good time.  The live music started as we were eating and more people and boats began to arrive. 

This Week's Website Share

In Crochet....

I'm making some progress on the bed doll.  Right now, I am working on the first part of the first ruffle at the bottom.  Keep in mind, this is 5 treble crochets in each of the 200 stitches!  


Some highlights from the #365happydays

a fun light saber duel!!

a summertime dinner....yumm.

Nature photography

This is a bush at the side of my house.   It is so very lovely.

Swap bot

Each week, I will try to highlight one of the swaps I either send out or receive.  If you love sending and receiving things in the mail.... you should check out


This particular swap was a "Mail Art" swap.  
Mail art swaps are just what they are called.  You decorate a envelope or maybe a postcard with your artistic touch.  

The theme of this swap was -- "Hippie Mail Art"

and this is the awesome envelope I received.

I have to high light one more swap this week...

The swap was a color swap - Pink.   You were supposed to send all pink items to your partner.

Just look at the fun stuff I got :-)  This swap was from one of my lovely daughters.

and from the same lovely daughter who also swaps... a decorated envelope she made for me

(and I do apologize... I could not get the photo turned around!! )

Moment of Inspiration

my favorite video/song of the week...

A Prayer to Share

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

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  1. Awesome photos, as always! Smith Mountain Lake is always great and I love the crochet progress :) I'm glad your grass is still green!

    Love the swapping! I've been off-site for SO long now that I doubt I'll be allowed to swap anymore (they don't trust anyone who's gone on hiatus for any reason), but I feel like I could get back into it when I know when the heck I'm coming or going :P