Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Taking Life in Stride -- Picking Flowers and a little bit of Paint...

Hello everyone :-)

I hope you are having a fabulous week so far.

Monday was such a fun day.

We have been talking about fixing up the yard and redoing the flower beds and some outside painting and fun stuff like that.

So Monday was the perfect day.

My youngest daughter Becky, her boyfriend Dakota and her friend Alicia worked hard.

To begin, Dakota dug out all of the flower beds.  Filling up the wheelbarrow again and again and cleaning them out nicely.

Then the girls and I went to Walmart and to Lowes to purchase flowers, top soil and potting soil.  We also decided to get some scalloped brick edging for the front flower bed.

It was so much fun shopping with these girls.  The flowers were beautiful and we walked around and looked at them all.  
Then carefully made our choices.

They had some gorgeous violets on clearance so we got as least four big pots of those too.

Bringing all of our colorful treasures home, Becky and Dakota took out some of the old landscape timbers that had seen better days and replaced them with brand new ones.

While Becky and Alicia began planting the flowers, Dakota started painting.

I bought some beautiful white petunias, geraniums, and a yellow African daisy to put in individual pots.  I also cleaned out my "hens and chicks" and re potted them too.

It was such a lovely day with beautiful accomplishments.

More photos in another post of the improvements.


I returned to work today after my 2 day weekend.  After work the girls and I decided to walk the "loop" in town.  It's a wonderful three mile walk through some of prettiest areas in the town we live in.   We started at the Middle School and began our walk.  The spring trees are still quite lovely.  The yards all mowed and getting greener by the moment.

I had to stop after a bit and switch shoes.... and then I followed along at a slower pace.  Taking in the huge trees.... the rolling lawns.  The historical homes.  As we came up one road, there was a doe and a much smaller deer actually crossing the sidewalk.  As we approached, there were many deer up in the yard.  The sun was just setting so they were standing among the shadows of the trees and houses.

On our last part of the walk, my feet and legs were beginning to ache but I was grateful to be able to make this walk again.  It has been quite awhile.  

We are hoping to make this a event for at least two nights per week.

As we finished up and returned to the Middle School where our vehicle was, the stars were making a grand appearance as well as the moon.  

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  1. SO awesome! That garden is going to be gorgeous :) I can't wait to have my own garden <3