Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ordinary days and Thunderbirds....

A ordinary day at work.  Lots of spreadsheets and numbers...phone calls and used cars.   The weather has cooled considerably and they are saying a hard freeze tonight.  But the sun is shining and the sky is a brilliant blue.

It's five o clock somewhere...but at 5 o clock here...I headed home.  Fresh pot of coffee waiting...bliss. 

The day was pretty uneventful.  Extremely busy at work, which always makes the time go by quickly.

As I was driving home from work, I thought... What memory am I gonna share today...

And I started remember a fun trip with my mom to the mall.  I was a brand new mama to a beautiful baby girl, I was still 18 which meant my mom was 36 at the time.

We had our rough patches over the years but my fondest memories are the silliness we would get in to...

We had spent a great deal of time at the mall in Spencers... reading the funny bumper stickers and fridge magnets, laughing together and acting like a couple of school girls.  Well, I guess I really was still a girl...

Of course, while at the mall, we had to go into the Hallmark store and browsed all of the pretties they had in there.  I'm sure we went into several other stores and always ended up in the Walden bookstore.

Mom had picked up a book of jokes, a little paperback.  We had remained pretty subdued during the rest of the mall trip.  I vaguely remember that my head kind of hurt from all of the earlier laughter.

We left the mall and decided to stop at Burger King for lunch.

We ordered our food and found a booth.  My little baby girl was in her seat and we sat her up on the table closest to the window while we unwrapped our lunch.  The place was pretty busy as usual.

Mom started reading her little book as she was eating.  Quietly.  She would softly laugh now and then and I ate my lunch listening to her quiet laughter.

After a bit of time she looked at me and her eyes were full of merriment.  She said, I've got a joke for ya.  I said..what is is...

She looked at me (by the way, I was in the middle of eating my burger) and she said...

What do you call a bird that eats beans?

In mid chew, I shrugged my shoulders...

She said


(and her laughter was busting loose at this point)...

and she lowered the tone of her voice 


I tell you something.  It was the most hysterical thing ever at that moment.   She completely lost it.  Her laughter, her head in her hands.   I remember sitting down my sandwich and putting my hands over my face as the hysterics took over me completely.

We already had had a case of the super sillies earlier and this just topped it all off.

I can only imagine what the people in the restaurant thought of us.

But we certainly didn't care..

at all.

It is just one of my fond memories of laughter and silliest moments ..of which I've had quite a few over the years.

Thanks for stopping by.... and I hope you always keep laughter and the memory of laughter front and center in your life.

(Tuesdays...Taking Life in Stride...and the memories too)


  1. I love this so much. Those tiny things that made her absolutely lose it were so random and so funny!! What a great memory <3