Thursday, April 7, 2016

Music and Moments.....Stairway and Jessie

Each day of the Week

Whispering Horn has a specific topic.

Music is a Huge part of my life.

It always has been and always will be.

So I thought, Music for Thursdays

and then I added Moments in my life that the song brings back.

This week, the song is one of my absolute favorites.

It has carried me through many moments of my life.

Led Zeppelin

Stairway to Heaven

If you have never listened to the song, take a moment and hear the music

If you already are familiar...please enjoy.

Now... for the moment.

Three years ago the world lost a beautiful 17 year old.  Her life was snuffed out because of the horrible mistake made by both a doctor and a nurse.

There is nothing they could ever do to ease this tragedy.

On the day I went to her viewing.  That beautiful soul - gone from us.  I sat for a moment to try to pull the strength from somewhere to not fall apart in a million pieces.  To try to understand how something like this could have happened.  

And Jessie loved music.   I knew how she loved music.  And that moment... when I sat there to try to say goodbye to her.. and the blood poured from my heart... this song began to play.  

Not what the lyrics had to say... but the music.

And I sat through the entire song and I thought of Jessie.  And I cried for the world's loss of such a beautiful light.  Someone who touched every life she came in contact with for the short time she was here with the incredible gift of just knowing her.  And hearing her laugh.   And sharing in her silliness and her seriousness.   And just being a part of her life.

The light she was and is still shines so bright that it continues to light our way in the dark as we all wait for the day we will see her again.  And the light will remind us that we carry her Light within us.  It was a gift she freely gave to all those who knew her.

Stairway to heaven?

Jessie never had to climb the stairway.  She carried it with her while she was here.

And after she left... there was no climb.

She was already there.

Beautiful child.  I love you and I miss you and I am grateful that you shared your love with us and you will live on in our hearts -- and the joy will come again when our soul sees your soul and we know that finally, the pain from your parting is done.

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  1. This is so beautiful and heartbreaking... I don't know why she was taken from the world but she was so loved.