Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2016 - So far....so Good

Hello everyone!

I've been quiet so far this year on Whispering Horn.   I had to journey within to solve a few issues and start some new habits.

It's going well.

I purchased the entire set of workbooks from 

and they are truly wonderful!

Setting Goals... and Sticking to Them!!!

Plus journeying through Simple Abundance yet again, reading the Bible through once more, paper journaling and devoting more time to both prayer and meditation.

And today, a friend shared this video on facebook....

I hope you take a moment to watch 
and I hope it inspires you

Just sharing a few family moments with you...

One of my sons has a little daughter who is three....

On his job site, he saw a heavy duty box.  He brought it home and it sat in the hall for more than a week.  I wondered what it was for...

This is why he brought it home..

and yes, he did put a tablet on the wall....set it to netflix....


It was very precious.

And family.

I had one lovely daughter who was a stranger to social media for awhile, and I missed her terribly.  She is back and I'm am incredibly happy.

Another lovely daughter is now working for the same company as I do, and the together time is wonderful.

Another lovely daughter in getting married to the love of her life in a little over a month, and I am full of so much joy for her..

Another lovely daughter got a beautiful promise ring for Christmas and her laughter fills the walls of my home..

One handsome son is a incredible father... sacrificing all of his free time to spend with his child and not regretting a moment of it..

One handsome son who works hard, provides a life for his family and has such a generous spirit.


I am beyond blessed.


Not a moment goes by that gratitude does not fill up my heart.

Have a joy filled week and remember that Kindness.  

It Matters.

Mary and Jon..... the candles still burn for you.

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