Friday, November 27, 2015

So Ready for December....

Yes, my blog is ready for the Christmas season.... which is my favorite season of all.

We had a very nice Thanksgiving dinner yesterday at my daughter Amanda's house.  My daughter Mary wasn't able to come home and my youngest daughter Rebecca had to work all day.... but I tried to use the day to always be thankful for our blessings as a family.

Amanda had her Christmas tree up... and it is so beautiful.

I did a little bit of Christmas shopping after 6 pm yesterday.  But not too much.  It was kind of funny... Black Friday shopping --  our local Walmart..... they were pretty much done with all of their black FRIDAY items before midnight on Thursday.    I won't get started on how the greed of the retailers has ruined the entire black Friday shopping experience..moving their sales to Thanksgiving Day, interrupting family time. but I truly believe it will bite them in the long run..... A lot of sales began as early at 2 pm.   I did not go out until after 7 pm, which caused me to miss most of the exceptional bargains...  but I pledged to wait until after 6 pm to myself.

One of my purchases..... fell in love with this ornament on sight....

Today is Clean the House and Move the Furniture Around day so we can put our Christmas decorations up tomorrow.  I'm very excited about this.   For quite a number of years now, we have purchased a live tree each Christmas.  And I do love having a live tree, but I made a decision to go back to artificial this year.  And thanks to one of my daughters, I was able to get a nice one at a great price last night.   She picked it up for me at the store she was shopping at.
It is prelit and my favorite feature of the tree is.... colored lights.  Or, you can switch it to white lights.
Makes me smile...

I'm just about winding up my daily gratitude series on facebook, instagram and twitter.

It's been fun and I do enjoy the challenges.

There will be a couple of new ones for December..... lol

And with plans in the works to begin a new sales project of a wonderful product that I have fallen in love with AND with the planning of officially opening our Family Business later in 2016, I am excited to be ordering these wonderful workbooks from Leonie Dawson!!

My crochet projects....

Working on the second meditaion shawl...

First one is finished..

Better pictures after they are gifted to two very special people <3

Work in progress inventory item...

Two thread scarf...

This weeks Virtual Trip...

Sorry, I can't help myself.... I am sooooooo into the Christmas Spirit!!

On the Recipe Pot today...

One of my favorite Christmas Cookie websites!!

Some favorite pictures shared on facebook...

Still some fall color in front of my house

A brand new day -- what a gift!!

Goodmorning Moon

My daughter Rebecca and granddaughter Kaidyn.
Rebecca is the greatest Aunt ever <3

I wish you a wonderful week ahead as November comes to a close and December begins.

And however you celebrate the holiday season.... I pray that the Light touches every moment of your life!!

See you soon

And the light burns... 
to keep the darkness away...
to keep hope alive...
and for Love. <3


  1. Absolutely awesome blog!! :D I love everything you share, including the virtual trips. And I'm excited about the business aahhhhh!!!

    Black Friday has even crawled its sorry bum to Canada and the UK, which is bizarre as it's supposed to be a post-Thanksgiving thing. I think it's stupid that they start it early on Thanksgiving now...

    Sorry Becky had to work :( And I wish I could have been there!

    Absolutely love the photos!!

    1. Wish you were here too!!! Love you and thank you for the comment <3