Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mid Week Rambling -- Gratefulness

Hi everyone!

I've decided to start a mid week rambling on Whispering Horn.

You never know what it might be about....


Tonight, I'm sharing the daily gratitudes that I'm doing on facebook, instagram and twitter.

The hashtag I've used is

Day 1

....thankful today for things in life that continue to bloom with blessings

Day 2

thankful for balloons...laughter...giggles..hugs...and precious time with all of these beautiful grandbabies I have been blessed with. 

Day 3

 So thankful for my home...the feeling there...the love within the walls.

Day 4

.well..I had to add coffee

Day 5

I am grateful for each and every well as the sunsets.

Day 6

grateful for the sentimental things....there are so many :-)

Day 7

Grateful for my Family and my Friends. Without them I could not put one foot in front of the other ... <3

Day 8

.grateful today for something as simple as the message board that my family writes on...

Day 9

The ability to crochet...memories of my grandmother teaching me. Feeling closer to her when I do.

Day 10

grateful for this boy that I love so much...

Day 11

grateful for this simple prayer... and I'm still learning the difference.


I just finished the first book in Nora Roberts latest trilogy....

Stars of Fortune (The Guardian Trilogy)

and as always, I love her storytelling.

And this week, I've learned about Jamberry Nail wraps... I'm attending a party of facebook and will be hosting my own in January....

Hope the rest of your week is great!! 

See you this weekend.

Love and Light to you all

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