Monday, October 5, 2015

Learning not to Hate Monday....

Hi everyone!  Another week down...another just about to begin.

There really is joy in that.  My work week has been Monday through Friday for years and years now.  I am conditioned to Love Friday and to Hate Monday.....

But do I really hate Monday?... no.  I simply cannot because it is the Beginning of a brand new week of life... another week in our 52 week year... and chance for adventure... for seeing new things, meeting new people... looking forward to the coming weekend with a smile.  
So from now on --- no more hating Mondays..... 

This past week here in Virginia we have dealt with a tremendous amount of rain.  Every single day.  

But it could have been much worse and for that I am grateful.

My youngest daughter and I had to make a trip to Walmart earlier in the week for groceries and just a little shopping.

Now I am the first to all the retail stores...

Let us enjoy fall before Christmas takes over!!

and I really do mean it....

but from a distance while we were in the store -- the "Christmas" area was lit up and my daughter and I were drawn to it like two little children.   Laughing, looking at this, talking about that.  Such a light, happy time.

We left the Christmas area smiling and happy.

And my daughter has a very special connection to hot air balloons. 

Shane visits her in a hot air balloon in her dreams.

(Shane is a loved one who left this earth plain by committing suicide and his death etched a forever scar on all of our hearts)

So you can imagine her joy upon seeing this part of the Christmas Village set ups...

and yes, we brought this piece home <3

So I had my joy within the retail Christmas... but I have returned to Autumn.

The colors, the weather, the pumpkins, upcoming Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Yep, I'm back in the fall mode...

My favorite picture shared on facebook this week

The beautiful sky.  Taken right before the rains started.  We haven't seen the blue sky in days....but we should be seeing it again in the new week.

One of my little granddaughters, Kaidyn, spends most weekends here at our house.  She will be three very soon.   She loves to bring her bag of playdough stuff and sit at the table and play with it while I'm here on my laptop....

Becky made her letters of her name... I must admit, Kaidyn wasn't real impressed with them
but I was :-)

I have a couple of inspirational shares that meant a lot to me this week, so I want to share them again here with you.

So much talk on social media and on television, radio, newspapers, the internet..
about politics ... what we should do, who believes strongly in this and that, who thinks that and this is wrong....
I try very hard not to get into all of this.  Yes, I have my thoughts, my beliefs, my preferences just like everyone else.  Yes, there are times I express those opinions, respectfully always I hope.

But seeing this reminded me sharply...
We are all brothers and sisters.   We all matter.  All of our thoughts, our opinions.... and what makes us so special is our differences.  And that includes our differences of opinions.
and yes...

We are All from the same bird.......

And I leave you this week with something beautiful I read.

They are not my words, but they ring true in my heart.  

Have a beautiful week ahead and I hope you too can learn to love your "Monday" if you don't already.

See you next week.

Sending Love and Light always

The light burns for Mary and Jon 
"Remember the Promise of the Rainbows"

And as always, the candles burn to help us all find our way in the dark.

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