Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Autumn in Virginia - Pictures and Inspiration

Hi everyone!

Autumn in Virginia. 

Last Sunday, I spent a few hours at one of my favorite parks.   With my camera.

I hope you get a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate...

and enjoy some photo's from a beautiful place....

Autumn, my favorite of all seasons. 

Glorious, sun filled afternoons.... chilly nights....vivid colors as the mountainside come to life in breathtaking colors..... and as the leaves fall and the trees become bare..

I know that nature is settling down for her winters sleep, unleashing another beauty found in the starkness of winter.

Thank you so much for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed the photos and I hope they brought you the feeling of Autumn    I took all of the photos, except the ones with words on them.  Those are just shares <3

If you view the blog using a pc or a laptop - you should be able to hear the music that is playing..

Turn, Turn, Turn

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead and I will see you next week.

Love and Light to all

The flame burns and grows stronger for Mary and Jon <3

All of the Darkness in the Universe cannot hide from the light of a single candle.

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