Sunday, September 13, 2015

Making it Count

Wow, really.  Here in Virginia, we went from summer and temperatures in the nineties to fall.  Lows tonight to be in the forties.   That fast.   Hope winter doesn't arrive as quick....

It's been a really good week.   I was off yesterday (Saturday) so Becky and I had planned a shopping day  - just for fun.   We decided that we didn't want to go to the mall but instead went to some of the wonderful shopping plazas in Lynchburg.

They remind me of the shopping when I was a teenager.  We had indoor malls then of course, but these plazas and groups of stores were much more common.

We started out at Five Below

Everything in this store is Five dollars or less...

First things I saw.....reminders of Mary and Jon <3

Yep, here was some more... I think they were following us in spirit or something.... <3

Becky was hanging out over in the Minion section, looking for something for Kaidyn

We got a lot of stuff at this store...
Kai got the little minion bracelet.  I got some great make up and accessories, Becky got some cute yoga pants and make up accessories too.

Right down the plaza was a AC Moore.  I told Becky I had never been there.   I love Michaels and JoAnns but haven't had the chance to go to AC Moore... until today.

This craft store is absolutely wonderful!!  They also had all kinds of sales.  I stayed away from the yarn area -- because I'm sure they had that on sale too and believe me when I say.... I have plenty already.

Becky bought some cute glass jars for her boyfriend and for her brother Robert.  She also picked up the prettiest glass bottle in the shape of the Eiffel tower for Susan.

They had a huge sale on Crayola stuff - so we got the large sets of colored pencils and the biggest boxes of crayons.

We just about got lost in all the beads and jewelry making stuff....and then we both really enjoyed the fall colors -- everywhere.

Next, we went to Barns and Noble.  Both of us had the intent to look at the adult coloring books and Becky really wanted to buy a couple of books.   Plus, Starbucks is in there.....

So, I got a wonderful colorbook -- it's Cities.   Some of the most wonderful pages....
Next week, I will talk more about this adult coloring thing.....
I'm loving it!!  Found a lot of free pages to print on the internet as well..
back to the store

Becky got three Nicholas Sparks books.  Actually on the bargain tables.  Three she had never read before.

Then we went up the few steps into the Star bucks cafe.

I got a hot pumpkin spice latte and she got a vanilla spice iced coffee.

We left with our coffees and headed for Ross, which was nearby.
Not one of my favorite stores but I was ready to look around.

Becky got a cute shirt here and I got a set of memory foam mats and rugs for the bathroom....

and Mary and Jon, here you were again... Made me smile thinking of you both.

I really liked this picture.

One more stop before lunch...


In here, we bought some make up and Becky was able to use a coupon and get some really good deals.

I really enjoyed looking at their toy selection here.  Such different items.

Becky spilled her Starbucks iced coffee.... it was okay.  She said she wanted the pumpkin spice latte like I had so we would have to hit another Starbucks......


Fried House salad and Cokes.... Zaxbys

We were looking for a good deal on a tablet for Robert so we went to Walmart, which was right down the street.  Problem was, I was trying to find a way through the plazas, without getting back on the very very very busy I went over a curb at one point...Becky was like...ummmmm and then while trying to look behind some stores, I just barely brushed a wooden guard rail....and Becky said . we've been in two accidents.... I said.  No we haven't.  It was nothing.

I do think she was wondering if she should drive for awhile

We got back on the highway with no further incident.  Didn't spend a lot of time in Walmart - and we stopped at another Starbucks and Becky got her pumpkin spice latte.   
Her day was now complete.

It was such a lovely day.  Looking forward to the next time...

My favorite photo shared on facebook this past week... actually two.

Kaidyn's sticker creations.

And what a lovely surprise I got...

I love bees.   It's the meaning of my name and I've always loved them.  Once while in a department store, I saw this perfume bottle that had bees on it.  I said, oh I love that!  Becky said we have that where I work, it's about $85.   I said..oh.  never mind.

She surprised me with it last week.  She gets a discount at the department store she worked in... and this one was discounted deeply...but I still think she should have saved it and given it to me for Christmas.. but I do love it so!!

I've started a couple of projects.... using my Listography to track them.

One is "Making it Count" daily.

This was inspired by the story of my daughter Mary and Jon.
I thought how lucky I am.  I thought of them and the heartache of a temporary separation...and I thought of all of the people I know who have suffered pain, loss, lonliness
and it became important to me to do something every day - or be aware of something every day to
Make it Count.
I challenge you do do this.
It can be something as simple as just being nice to someone -- when they have arrived at your last nerve...

I wish you all a wonderful week ahead.  

I'm leaving the music on here as it is because tomorrow, September 14th is my moms birthday.

We miss you mom.  Always.  Thanks for being near - even now.

See you next week.

Burning for Mary and Jon - shining and flickering with love and faith until they are together again.


  1. Beautiful blog, Debbie. Thanks so much for your visit to mine. Have a wonderful Monday. Susan

  2. I've never heard of AC Moore. It looks like a giant craft warehouse.

    Your temps sounds wonderful! I can feel hints of fall down here in s.e. FL and am so looking forward to cooler weather.

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.

    Happy Autumn ~ FlowerLady

  3. That sounds like a very full day. I've heard of AC Moore but don't think I've ever been in one. In fact, I think I kinda of thought it was more like a Home Depot or Ace Hardware than a place for craft supplies. It's hot as heck here and has been very humid. We can only dream of cooler weather at least for the next month or so. Thanks for stopping by my corner of the world. Have a great week. Tammy

  4. Hi Debbie...What a fabulous shopping excursion! Such fun. I would have loved that. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting, too. Love your visits. Have a super good weekend. Susan