Tuesday, August 25, 2015


It has truly been a lovely summer.... and it's not over yet.

Even tho all of the retail stores are stocking up on all of the beautiful fall decor.....which are truly the colors I love the most....but I'm just not ready to give up summer yet.   Not yet.

We've had grandkids birthday parties... kiddie pool time in the back yard....trips to the park,. a trip to beach at Smith Mountain Lake state park..... a trip to Bridgewater marina.. and having a blast in the arcade.... feeding popcorn to the carp....a little bit of yard work...pictures of sunsets, nights sitting with the moon... music...love.

Today was absolutely perfect.   Temeratures in the eighties.  A wonderful breeze, white puffy clouds and a vivid blue sky.   

We have four additions to our pet family. 4 little boy kittens.   Monte, Gruff, Stripe and Jack.

And me personally....

I've been doing a much better job taking care of myself.  Turned vegetarian for half of August.  And it did what I needed it to....it broke the cycle of fast food and unhealthy food choices.

Working toward a much healthier me...and hoping to avoid hospitals and things like that....

This has been a summer of family.  Of my beautiful daughters.  Each with their own challenges, choices, heartaches, fears and dreams.

And my sons, much of the same, along with making me extremely proud for the men they have become.

And we are so full.  We are so blessed.  

There is not one day that goes by that I don't express my gratitude.  Not one day.

I look forward to spending more time with this blog as fall approaches and then the quiet of winter.
Also, working more with the Walking with Spirit.....

But for now, I read.  I work.  I crochet.  I laugh.  I watch a little tv, I sing to music,  I talk.  I cry just a little at times but those times are fewer and far between, and now, my tears would fall for the broken heart or sadness of someone I love....and not for my own.

Tomorrow is not promised.

We all know this.

We need to live this.

Do it today.  Don't wait.  Don't put off life.

Live it now.

All we have is now.

The past is gone... no rewind button in this life.
The future is yet foggy and waiting patiently for us.

Much love to my dear friends who read my words and stick with me.


  1. Absolutely beautiful <3

    I'm so proud of you for your eating choices. That couldn't have been easy! I've been going a little crazy the last couple of weeks since I won't be able to when I go home... and then I hit the reboot button on my eating choices and I'll physically feel so much better.

    May fall bring us many bright blessings :)