Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 19 -22 - The Field

Sorry that Whispering Horn has been quiet for the past several weeks.

Lots going on in this life of mine.... both good and bad.  

The good things....

well they are just good.

The bad things....

they mean that I'm still alive.

The words..

Family. Life. Worry. Struggle. Pain.  Healing.  Wishes.  Advice.  Sadness.  Joy.  Days.  Nights.. Love.. Misunderstanding...Discussion... Opinions...Prayer...Sorting it Out....Doctors...Work...Summer..Flowers...Moving Out...Moving Home...Welcome...New People...New Family...Desperation....Tears....Laughter....Fear....Acceptance....Remember..........Forget...Judge....
Support....Back away....Back Up....Realization...

Our family has had challenges lately.  Some typical, some not.  Some silly, some not.

But the thing that always happens...


The roots of these people that I love, the ones I call family run very deep.  I can't even envision how deep they run.  Every now and then something comes along that tries to weaken those roots.  

That, too happens to many of us.

But to listen to the voice that whispers in your heart.  Let go of control.  Let go of judging.  Let go and let the Universe unfold each life as it is meant to, or meant not to.

Every decision counts.  All of them.  And I have my beliefs...

I do not choose to change the beliefs I have... but I understand now what it means to alter them.  To understand that this picture....this canvas....this journey of life is about Love and it's about change.  Some things are not as simple as Right and Wrong.  Black and White.  Do or Don't.  

Some things are in a field ....

Right in the center of our own ideas of such...

A place to meet those that you love

Out there.  In the gray.  The mist.  The fog.  The place of realization.

I am a frequent visitor of this place.  And each time my own personal journey takes me there.. I come away better than I entered.

Strength comes, I believe when we visit this place.

We are made up of our upbringing.  Our exposures.  Our childhood.  Our thoughts.  What we watch on TV, movies, music, books, religions, dreams, teachings, influences, games, neighborhoods, relationships, pain, joy, suffering, happiness, regret, prejudices.....

To know when to let go of some of these things.... is such a gift.  Such a accomplishment.  Such a destiny.

The field....somewhere between what is right and what is wrong,


That is where I will meet you.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Week 18 - Ringing in May

Week 18

Ringing in May......

Life has been pretty ordinary lately for me.... and that's good.  That's comfortable and that's such a blessing.   Getting a feeling of happiness as I pull into my own driveway and realize how fortunate I am.   It's been such a journey.  And there are still many more roads to travel and I look forward to each one.

Some happenings....

Got my roof fixed.  Yay!  No more bucket when it rains.... no more tarp on the roof.

Got a new amazing and wonderful vacuum cleaner that does a wonderful job on all of the pet hair that my fabulous dogs leave everywhere they go.....

Got a Red Jeep Grand Cherokee :-)

Have a much better relationship with my youngest daughter.

Watched as my oldest daughter and her family became homeowners for the first time.

Worked part time for a month or so..... and now I'm ready to return to work full time.

Dealing with some major problems with the muscles in my legs and my feet....

Enjoying my 100 day challenges listed on Listography...

Getting to talk to my brother more often on the phone...

Got the flea and tick treatment on all the dogs....

Settling back into the love , security and companionship of my marriage.

So, not totally boring but definitely ordinary :-)

From the past week...

My favorite photograph... 

I took this from the front of my house.  Sky was breathtaking.

And how these are just some of the children in my life who  give me Hope for Tomorrow

 New Crochet Project alert!!

Heart doily.  I've made one of these in the past.
Just started it....

And tomorrow?

More of the ordinary I'm sure.  But more adventures are on the horizon as well.

One of my favorite facebook pages..

and I think the greatest realization I've made is

I finally have peace in my heart. (or soul) 
I cannot even begin to describe how incredible it is for me and I guess the moment I realized it was pulling into my driveway and I thought.... I am happy.  I am exactly where I should be.  The people in my life are exactly who are suppose to be..    
All is Well.

Wishing you many blessings and thanks so much for stopping by.

See you next week.