Sunday, April 26, 2015

Week 17 - Winding up April

Winding down April.

I've shared some beautiful spring pictures with you all this month.  Virginia really is a gorgeous state.  Being able to experience all of the seasons... the beauty of the mountains... the nearness of the ocean.

Several happenings in my family this month.  My only sibling, my brother turned Fifty .  He now joins me in the over the hill club.....

One of my grandsons turned 15.  How in the heck did that happen....

My youngest child will be Nineteen in just a few day... and I really do not know how that happened..

and it was the 2nd anniversary to the passing of Jessie.  A 17 year old - beautiful child who was killed due to gross incompetence of a doctor and a nurse.

But that is what took her life from here... not what we think of when we thing of her.  Her beauty and light shines on forever....

Still dealing with life changes on a personal level as well.  Still working part time and now dealing with some muscular issues and some pain.  Try not to dwell on it and trying hard to deal with it.  And it is my intention to not only beat it...but to continue to make improvements each and every day.


This past week.  Lets see.

My favorite photo that I shared....

Tomorrow I get to finally go to my grandson, Gage's baseball game...

Isn't he a cutie?

And this little angel... Kaidyn Elizabeth.  Dressed in her Dora Pajamas and sporting her Barney backpack.   She keeps me smiling on the weekends when she is here.

Just going to share a few inspirational pictures from the past week.

 And the most inspirational thing I saw/heard all week..

Tonight, I had my nineteen year old daughter, her boyfriend and her best friend over for dinner.  As the three of them sat at the table together, they held hands and her boyfriend said a beautiful blessing. 

It lifted me higher and gave me a stronger focus for the days ahead.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.

And there is always someone to pray for.  Always.  I encourage you to light a candle every day and pray for someone.  I used to keep a prayer journal and looking back on it, am still totally amazed how many there are to pray for.  

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