Thursday, April 9, 2015

Week 15 - Family Ties

Week 15 - Family Ties

Lately, I seem to be in a waiting mode...I'm not sure what's going on here.  I think it is partly because my entire adult life, I've always worked.  Many times two jobs and a couple of times it was three. 

Now, I'm working part time at my full time job and still Thursday nights at my part time job.... and my system just can get used to it.   It feels great to slow down a little, I must admit.  And it's time.

Not too much going on this fifteenth week of 2015.

A trip on the parkway when going to downtown Roanoke last Tuesday.  No pictures but beautiful images in my head.   Passing Mill Mountain Zoo on the way brought back memories to me.  I added it to my list of things to do this summer :-)

I accidentally found a site while doing a little bit of family history research. 

Its called

Sound a little morbid?  Well, its not.  It is a wonderful place that many volunteers spend their valuable time creating ways for families to record their loved ones, lives, connections and more.

I found a tremendous amount of information about my Lynn family.  I met new members of that family and got to join a new facebook group for the Lynn Family history.   I've spent a great deal of time looking at the most amazing pictures.

I found my granddaddy's site.  The man who started it, just from a picture of his tombstone located at Fort Knox cemetery in Kentucky transferred ownership of the account to me.  I have added pictures and information about him.  He passed on when I was eight years old, and back then it was like my entire world fell apart.   Working on his memorial brought him so close to me.

I found his mother and father on there and linked them to his memorial page.

Then I created a page for his wife, my grandmother and his daughter, my mother and linked them all.

I have so much more work to do and more loved ones to add.

Keeping in mind that there are more family members to find and to add, and more photos etc and information, here's the link to Granddaddy's memorial page.  I have to get out all of the family pictures now and get some scanned.  I have pictures of his father, his mother, his sister.  

And  I hope to get more pictures and information about my Lynn family too.  They have a huge network on this site and I cannot wait to add to it.

And this week, my favorite picture was of one of my little granddaughters, Kaidyn Elizabeth.

It is the true definition of the Joy of Spring

I'm getting ready to begin several challenges which I'm pretty sure my extended family on facebook will love. 

The return of the Photo Memory Shares and then there will be a Vintage Family Photo share as well.

Getting back to my black and white photography shares and my capture the day in a song posts.

I've been invited to participate in
Ecard a day for 100 days and Email a day for 100 days.

Then, there is the 100 Happy Days Challenge and the 100 Beauty in Nature Challenge...

how do I pick one of those???

And my daughter Mary made this for me.   I found it today and had to share it with you.

These are the five precious souls that I actually carried inside of me and gave birth to.

No greater gift ever.....except maybe the grandchildren they are giving me now...

12 and counting.... <3

Thanks for visiting this week.

I will see you again next week.

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