Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Week 13 - As each Day unfolds...Another Adventure Begins

This week has been so interesting.  I have lived in this small town for quite a number of years.  And believe me, it's not big.   Typical small town USA......but quaint and I truly love it here.

There are places in town I have never been yet.... like the D-Day Memorial.  The Civil War Museum.  
But over the years, I have visited most of the stores, the Visitors center, the parks etc..

We also have a notable haunted house here.... plus lots of history

The Avenel House.


I haven't visited inside yet....

Just a few days ago, one of my daughters told me to meet her at a park here in town.  I've never heard of the park and had never been there.

On the grounds, there were several historical buildings.  I assume they belonged to the farm that donated the land for the park.   I found them fascinating.  You couldn't go inside but I took the opportunity to do a little black and white photography.

The park itself was awesome for families.   People were unloading their coolers, their bikes, their children.   A huge play area.  A wonderful walking trail.   

And just adding a color one so you can see the fading red of the barn....

Also this week, I continue to watch as spring unfolds here in Virginia.

Simply beautiful.

Another Discovery I made this week was a trip to the Peaks of Otter.  Those incredible mountains that I photograph so much.    I hope to climb to the top this summer.   But in the meantime, I have never been up there to the place where you begin and end the climb.   It's beautiful there.  The pictures are in black and white but I hope you get a sense of the presence of the mountains.

And to end that particular adventure, we came home via the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I only got a couple of pictures ..but as always, it's so uplifting to drive along the ridge of these beautiful mountains that I call home....

As each new day unfolds, another adventure begins.

Live your life to the fullest.

Thanks for visiting.  See you next week.


  1. Beautiful photos!! That looks like a great park :)

    1. Thank you. I didn't get any pictures of the park..part.!! lol. I will next time.

  2. wonderful pics! <3