Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Week Six - It Was a Very Good Year....

Week six of 2015.

Most of my days right now are about work -- and lots of it.  Our dealership does exceedingly well during tax refund season.....and the continual line of customers have kept us moving.....and caused us to get behind in the daily stuff we have to do

so it's always busy.  Always piles of stuff to do.  Always phones ringing.

And the great family I work for -- and the awesome co workers I have....

we are always smiling.  Laughing.  Working so well together.

Yep, love the place I work and am thankful for it.

Gonna be working every Saturday for awhile too.

Great Finds this week...

Several years ago, one of my daughters introduced me to this awesome community of people who love to get mail - and love to get a little crafty and send and receive some awesome things and make some wonderful new friends.

Yesterday, I had a rough day.  Wasn't feeling very well.  Tired.  Headache.  A little stressed from the day and when I came home I was ready to just go to sleep. 

But the mailperson had left me a package from a awesome new friend I have made on swap-bot.

It was such a lift to my spirits and brought many smiles as I unpacked all the things she had placed inside.  Crafting stuff, a beautiful stuffed tiger, dishtowel set.....and to make it even more special, she had decorated the box on the outside - mostly with things that meant a lot to me. 

So if you like getting snail mail.... if you love to write letters and maybe send and receive fun little or big packages that will bring and send smiles.... and make some new wonderful friends, check out swap bot.   

I chose 2 photos that I shared this week to share with you all.

Both of these little beauties are my granddaughters.

They represent...



Kaidyn (saying CHEESE for Nana)

Recipe Share

Beckys' Cinnamon Raisin Cream Cheese Ball

4 oz cream cheese
1/2 stick butter (or 1/4 cup)
1/2 cup plus 2 Tbsp powdered sugar
Graham Crackers for dipping
1/2 cup finely chopped pecans
1 Tbsp brown sugar
1/2 cup raisins

Cream together cream cheese and butter with electric mixer.  Add brown sugar.  gradually add the powdered sugar and continue mixing.  Stir in raisins by hand.

Shape the mixture into a ball (using waxed paper if necessary( and then roll the ball in chopped pecans.

Refrigerate for at least an hour before serving.  Service with graham crackers.

Poetry - Past Present and Future

Freedom Independence Joy Happiness 

picking up her bag and reaching for the door
listening to the inner voice telling her to leave now
not to look back, not to regret
she spent all of her young years in this place
it was time to move on
to leave the place and the man that had caused her so much misery and pain
to breathe air filled with freedom
joy and happiness
she deserved these things, she always had
they had always been there waiting
waiting patiently for her to reach for them
to embrace them
to take them in her heart and never let them go
and now
she had them
she was running toward them
and she would never do without them again.

©Deborah Mitchell 2006

The song playing is called 
It was a Very Good Year.

I love to hear Frank Sinatra sing this song.  

Here's a Video...with a great picture tribute to Frank.

And this made me smile this week.... a very good friend shared this with me...and it fits me perfect!!  So many years of work, babies, suppers, grocery stores, dinner, diapers, school, school sports....work... And even now, when things have settled down a bit...grocery shopping is still such a chore and Pizza it is!!!  

My meditation stone this week was the 

Celestite (celestine)

Celestite Crystals aid you to contact your guardian angels. These crystals are a soft blue color and have a high vibration, that is excellent to use in meditation. Their energy is both calming and uplifting, and will aid contact with angels, and help to stimulate the birth of psychic gifts.
The soft blue color of these stones is delightful... and they are beautiful both physically and spiritually. Their lovely energy is immediately apparent when you pick one up

For week six of 2015

 I leave you with this...... close your eyes.  Come sit with me anytime.

See you next week :-)

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  1. love your blog Deb and i am honored you shared that pic here! <3