Monday, December 1, 2014

Welcome to December

Welcome to the lovely month of December.

Christmas is my favorite holiday -- always has been.  Growing up, my grandmother and my mother always made it the best they could.  Not just in gifts but in decorating.   Listening to Christmas music.  Parades.  Driving around Christmas week, looking at all the lights.   

For my own kids, I always wanted to make the season magical and special. 

It's a time of the year that many of us are kinder.  Smiles come easier.  Giving feels good.  Bright, shiny colors make us smile.   A jolly man in a red suit can remind us of childhood innocence and faith.  

And to remember the reason for this season.   To celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

For Decembers blog will be a lot about Christmas. 

Plus sharing a daily photo of Christmas Past.
some recipes.  Maybe a little of my poetry from long ago.

And another photography challenge as well.

I wish you the best December ever!   I'm going to work hard to cherish each moment with my family and friends.  Those close to me and those far away.  

Christmas Past Photo Share

Christmas 2012

Gage and Patrick

December Photography Challenge

Day 1

Something I am Reading

An awesome story about a woman, her daughter and her ex-mother in law...on a roadtrip cross country :-)

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