Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Day 2 - The Weather and Cheer.....

December - Day 2

The Weather.

Today in Virginia -- raining and cold.  

but oh the weather.  

I have been through some interesting weather throughout my life.

I grew up in Kentucky, right in tornado alley.  In elementary school, our tornado drills were far more common than fire drills.   Weathered a bunch of nasty storms during those years but never a tornado close enough to hurt anything.

Went to high school in upstate New York.  I learned what "lake effect snow" was.  We lived close enough to Lake Ontario to get the brunt of it many times.   Snow.  High wind.  Snowdrifts.  One time the snowdrift came all the way up to my bedroom window.   Then there was a massive ice storm on my birthday in May.  I can't even remember how many days we went without power.

Turning 18, I got married and moved to Camp LeJeune North Carolina.  We got brushed by a hurricane when I lived there.  I lived in base housing and I remember the sheets of rain and how the walls shuddered as the wind blew.  A lot of flooding and down trees. 

Later I moved back to New York.  When my son was a baby, his father worked for a landscaping service.   We rented a trailer from this amazing old woman (I will blog about her later on) and it was a very rural area.   There were a few trees in the yard but the trailer mostly sat right in the middle with nothing around it.   During the night the most terrible lightening storm I have ever seen happened.   The sound was so deafening.  I remember cover my ears with my hand sitting down on the floor in the hallway where there were no windows.   I think the lightening struck everything all around that trailer that night.   It even struck the pump down in the well.  It sounded like a huge explosion.  All of the trees suffered severe damage.

Many years now since I have been back in the beautiful state where I was born... Virginia.

I've seen lots of weather over the years but only three stand out to me.

We had a blizzard.  Yes, a real blizzard warning and everything.  This was years ago when Rob and Susan were small.   All this snow... lots of it and wind gusts over 70 mph.  The sustained wind was pretty bad too.  It blew the shutters off the front of my house -- and honestly -- the visibility was Zero.  You could look out the windows and all you saw in all directions were what appeared to be solid walls of white snow.

Then, a few years ago we had torrential rains for many days.  I had always heard of flash flooding but had never seen it live...so to speak.  We were under a flash flood warning and I was driving down 460 - which is a four lane highway here.   The rain started coming down so hard I was having a hard time driving on this highway and there was a lot of truck traffic so I decided to take a backroad to where we were headed.  Becky and her boyfriend were with me.  As I was driving the rain was getting worse and worse... heavier and heavier.   It finally reached a point that --- seriously  if one thousand people threw buckets of water at my windshield at the same time.... that's what it was like.  I couldn't see anything but water.   I made a right turn into what I hoped was a road and by the grace of God, it went uphill some.  I brought the car to a stop and we waited until the rain lightened up enough that we could see.   What we saw was so horrible.   Right behind us, down the hill just a little, a flash flood had happened and the road was gone.  Completely gone.   All under water like a raging river.    I will always be grateful for our guardian angels that day.

And the last weather event was what they called a durachio.   Just a couple of years ago.  Not predicted.  No warning.  In June.   Susan (who was very pregnant with Patrick) and Becky were with me and we were heading to the grocery store.  Driving down four lane 460.   The wind started blowing and the sky got dark.   We kept driving and as the weather conditions began to get worse, I asked Susan if we were under a storm warning or anything?   Nothing on the radio... no weather warnings at all.   The wind was getting so bad that a lot of debris and tree branches were beginning to blow into the road so we decided to turn around and head back home til the storm was over.   Heading back home the storm intensified the next thing I knew, Susan said -- What is that?  And a HUGE tree had blown across the highway right in front of us (it was just about completely dark by now) and I was able to bring the car to a stop before we hit it -- the vehicle behind us almost lost control of their car but finally came to a stop.   Susan jumped out of our car and went to see if they were okay and I told her we had to get off this highway.  At this point I was pretty sure it had to be a tornado.  Then.... orange lightening was hitting the ground everywhere around and some of this crazy lightening had huge fireballs on the end of it.  We watched this happen right before our eyes and trees were catching fire ... then I thought maybe this was the end of time.... seriously.  It was bad.
We drove up the road a little farther, dodging more huge branches and trees to get to a small store that was there.  We went inside and waiting until it was safe to go outside again.  Thirty minutes inside this store -- and no one had cell service at all.  Nothing on the news/weather reports at all.

We left the store - were able to get to my moms house to check and see if she was okay and thank God she was.   Then we were gonna go home.  Only problem -- the roads were not passable.  Guys with chainsaws were everywhere trying to get the trees out of the road.  Finally we were at a impassable stop and someone asked us where we were going -- and then they said you can't get there.  All the power lines are down and across the road and still on.

So we had to go back down through all the mess we had just come through...couldnt even tell it was a road with all the debris everywhere.  We had to drive miles and miles to come in the other side of the mountain where we were living and carefully made it home.   

We had no power for 8 days -- and the temperature was over 100 degrees during that time.  It was awful.  Becky and Susan went to stay with Robert at his apartment at the time -- he had power.  My mom had power where she lived.  So I was able to go down there to take showers and bring water back.   I had to stay at my house because of my dogs.  Poor things.  It was so very very hot, even at night.  But yeah, that was a bad storm.  Hope to never see anything like that again.  
But I think the worst part of it all was when my pregnant daughter was out on a four lane highway in this raging storm to see if the people in the car behind us were okay.  The memory of her standing there on that pavement still brings a panic to me.   Again, thank you guardian angels.  No more traffic came up while we were there.

Day 2 - Christmas Past Photo Memory Share

2009 - My grandson Trenton

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"Cheer"  to me....

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My Flower Shop  :-D  Haha!!  Made me smile.


  1. Love the weather part! I didn't even think of that, so I edited my post to include stuff about last year's ice storm, including pics :)

    Love the photo memory share and the Christmas cheer!