Thursday, December 11, 2014

Days 10 & 11 - Wrapping Paper and Christmas Music

Day 10

"Things that make you Think of Christmas"

Decorating a Christmas Tree
Decorating the House
Christmas Cookies
Baby Jesus
Santa Claus
Wrapping Presents
Christmas Cards
Christmas Music
Spirit of Giving
Family Gatherings
Candy Canes
Manger Scene
Light Displays
Stories of Kindness
Jingle Bells Ringing

Day 10 Christmas Past Photo Memory Share

Christmas 2009 --One of my Beautiful granddaughters - Lily <3

Day 10 Photography Challenge

Wrapping Paper

Here is some of it .....haven't used any yet.  Hopefully I won't procrastinate and wait until Christmas Eve....... 
Who me????  lol

Day 11

The Tree

Sharing....The Littlest Christmas Tree

The littlest Christmas tree,
lived in a meadow of green,
Among a family,
of tall evergreens,
He learned how to whisper,
the evergreen song,
with the slightest of wind,
that came gently along.

He watched as the birds,
made a home out of twigs,
and couldn't wait till, 
he too was big.
For all of the trees,
offered a home,
the maple, the pine, and the oak,
who's so strong.

"I hate being little",
the little tree said,
"I can't even turn colors,
like the maple turns red",
"I can't help the animals,
like the mighty old oak",
"He shelters them all,
in his wide mighty cloak".

The older tree said,
"Why little tree you don't know?
The story of a mighty king,
from the land with no snow?"
Little tree questioned,
"A land with no snow?"
"Yes!" said old tree,
"A very old story,
from so long ago".

"A star appeared, 
giving great light,
over a manger, 
on long winters night.
A baby was born, 
a king of all kings,
and with him comes love, 
over all things."

"He lived in a country,
all covered in sand,
and laid down his life,
to save all of man.'

Little tree thought of the gift
given by him,
then the big tree said with the 
happiest grin,
"We're not just trees,
but a reminder of that day,
there's a much bigger part,
of a role that we play!"

"For on Christmas eve,
my life I'll lay down,
in exchange for a happier,
loving ground.
And as I stand dying,
they'll adorn me in trim,
this all will be done,
in memory of him".

"Among a warm fire, 
with family and friends,
in the sweet songs of Christmas,
I'll find my great end,
then ever so gently,
he'll come down to see,
and take me to heaven,
Jesus and me".

"So you see little tree,
we are not like the oak,
who shelters all things,
beneath his great cloak.
Nor are we like the maple
in fall,
who's colors leave many,
standing in awe".

"The gift that we give,
is ourselves, limb for limb,
the greatest of honor,
in memory of him".

The little tree bowed, 
his head down and cried,
and thought of the king, 
who willingly died.
For what kind of gift,
can anyone give?
Then to lay down your life,
when you wanted to live.

A swelling of pride 
came over the tree,
Can all of this happen?
Because of just me?
Can I really bring honor?
By adorning a home?
By reminding mankind,
that he's never alone?

With this thought, little tree,
began singing with glee,
Happy and proud,
to be a true Christmas tree.

You can still hear them singing,
even the smallest in height,
singing of Christmas,
and that one holy night.

Day 11 - Christmas Past Photo Memory Share

Christmas 2010 -- Amanda, Teresa, Susan, Ela, Gwen and Kaylen <3

Day 11  Photography Challenge

Christmas Music

My favorite place for Christmas music this year...
You tube :-)

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