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Day 16 - Precious Child of Mine...

Day 16

Things I am grateful for....

My family.  My friends.  My dogs.  My memories.  My today.  My health.  My faith.  My home.  My job.  The beautiful mountains where I live.   Seeing who my children have grown up to be and completely overwhelmed by them...

Amanda.   A wonderful mother.  A beautiful soul.  Forgiving.  Loving.  Her laughter makes me smile and watching her in her beautiful home, with her family brings happiness to my heart.   As a little girl, she loved She-Ra and Rainbow Brite.   She loved going to the park and hated to leave.  I had a really really really rough time during her arrival into this world.   Her dad was in the Marines, and in the Mediteran Sea during that time.  I had her at Camp LeJeune NC, just barely 18 years old and no classes or advice at all on natural childbirth.   My grandmother was with me until time for the delivery room, God bless her.   I really thought I would die... actually I don't think I was able to think clearly at all.  No pain meds.  But later, when we got home from the hospital.  Amanda was 2 days old and my mom had also arrived so there hadnt been much time for me to do much with this new little baby.  In the middle of the night, she cried and mom and nanny were both sleeping and I had my first real time alone with my new baby girl.  We sat in the white rocking chair and she looked at me, and I looked at her and the emotion is not possible to put into words.  

Mary.  Words just cannot describe how proud I am of this beautiful child who is my daughter.  Her life has not always been easy.  Her art as a child blew me away.  Her writing in incredible.   Her imagination... incredible.   She didn't live with me during her growing up years but we have found our mother and daughter bond now and it is unbreakable.   I miss her and wish she was near to me physically.  But she followed her soul to Canada and has found at last her heart in England.  But in my soul, she is always by my side.  I remember  sitting in the hospital room with her, all alone after her birth.  I looked into her eyes and a wonderful love that does nothing but grows was born.   She is a wonderful writer.  Artist.  A beautiful heart and soul.   She stands strong for what is right and wrong.   I can close my eyes and lose myself with the memory of her as a beautiful child and I see her as the amazing adult she is.  

Robert.   The only son I gave birth to.  I remember being in the delivery room and I remember the moment he came into this world and the doctor said you have a son.   A little boy who was full of smiles and laughter and getting into trouble.  Who loved his big dog Fred.  Who cried when his father left and wouldn't eat much for two weeks.  And at barely 11, came to me and said Mom if you and Dad get back together, you will just fight.  I want us to be happy.  And he hugged me and gave me every bit of the strength I needed to move forward.   There were a few rough years when he was a teenager and young adult.... and as his mom, I worried so much about him.  But God took care of him  and we all made it through.  Just like us all, his life experiences made him a wonderful man today.  A fantastic father.  A wonderful provider to his little family.  A good person who would give the shirt off his back to someone who really needed it.  That beautiful little boy - grown into a good man.

Justin.  No, I did not give birth to this son, who is such a blessing to our family and to my life.  He entered our life when he was about 12 - best friend of my son Robert.   Justin went through the next few years with some family challenges that either make a person or break one.  This young man - any hardships he faced only made him into a better person.    He became my son when he was 12 and things were going bad in his home and he put his arms around my neck and cried into my soul.  I cannot express the love I have for him or how proud of him that I am.  He is a wonderful father to 2 beautiful little girls and he works so hard to take care of his family.  Our family would not be complete without him. 

Susan.  My beautiful little one.  She weighed under five pounds when she was born.  Such a beautiful baby with big dark eyes.  Nanny always told me I would remember how little she was when I picked up a five pound bag of sugar - because she weighed less than that.   So tiny.  So perfect.  Growing up so close to her brother, Robert.  She loved the Ninja turtles as much as he did.  Riding bikes.  Getting into trouble.  Jumping on the beds.   Shy.  Beautiful.    She is a loyal friend and her family is at the top of her priority list.  She is a incredible mom to three beautiful little babies.  She is down to earth -- real.  Human.  Her faith is strong and her beliefs unwavering.    She is part of my soul and has always been.   She was always the rock I leaned on when things got rough with her brother all those years ago.   She knows the real me.  Probably the only person who ever will.   Susan has suffered great loss in her life.  Incredible sadness.   She had come very close to death too many times.  But God has been merciful and I thank him every day for that gift.  

Rebecca.  My last baby.  She came into this world weighing 5 pounds and 6 ounces.  Bringing her into this world was pretty easy and she decided to arrive while the doctor stepped out to get a cup of coffee :-)    We all adored her and her beautiful curls.  She had definite likes and dislikes and made them known to us all.  She still does.  She loved Blues Clues.  She has a huge collection of bunnies from when she was younger.  Huge.   She loved the holidays and camping and playing.  In the eighth grade she won her first art competition.  That is when I discovered what a wonderful artist she is.  She lost her best friend a couple of years ago.   Part of the sparkle in her eyes left when Jessie left us.
Becky is loyal and is not afraid to speak her mind.  She will gladly tell you her opinion and does not care whether you want to hear it or not.   She loves her family and is a wonderful aunt to all of her nieces and nephews.  She has a soft spot for the babies.  After her graduation from high school, she is now working and I am so proud of how hard she is working and the accomplishments with her very first job.   She loves pink.  And sparkles.  And Audrey Hepburn.   As a child and today, she amazes me with her beauty - outward beauty and who she is on the inside..  

I do not know why this life has given me the above blessings.  I do not deserve the wonder and the joy of each of these souls that I call my own.  But I am grateful.  Eternally.  I can't question why I can only say Thank You and  Every moment for the rest of my life the Thank yous wouldn't be enough. 

Day 16 - Christmas Past Photo Memory Share

2004 - My daughter Amanda and one of her daughters - Kaylen <3

Day 16 - December Photography Challenge 


My grandson Timmy made this fresh wreath.  They are going to decorate it but I wanted to share the beauty of this Christmas greenery <3

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