Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Cards and Candles

Day 3

Christmas Cards.

This wonderful surprise in the mail is fast becoming lost forever.  I remember as a child how much I loved the Christmas Cards.   With candy canes on them.  The Nativity.  Santa and his sleigh.  Jingle Bells.  Christmas Trees.....

And they were so colorful and pretty and my grandmother would let me play with them. 

Moving years and years forward, my years with the Duncan Automotive Group -- we received lots and lots of Christmas cards in the office.   At the end of the season, when we took them all down instead of throwing them away, I always took them home and my daughter Becky loved playing with them.  Doing all kinds of Christmas crafts too.

I miss sending out Christmas cards and I miss receiving them.  Everyone says that postage is too expensive to send them anymore.  But I don't know.  I think we are just too busy and with the internet and email.... maybe we just don't take the time.

I think I may send out Christmas cards again this year :-)

Day 3 - Christmas Past Photo Memory Share

2007 -  My grandson Gage.

December Photography Challenge

Day 3


-on my dresser -- so beautiful-

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  1. I hope snail mail is something that will never die. It's so special and like nothing else. I love receiving Christmas cards in the mail!

    Love that picture of Gage!!