Friday, December 5, 2014

A Perfect Christmas Memory -- or Two.

Day 4 of the December blog challenge...

A perfect Christmas Memory.

The very first thing that came to mind was a specific Christmas with my brother.  We were not together most of our childhood, but the bond and the love was always there.

This Christmas I think I was about nine years old and he was seven.  He came to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with me. 

He always loved for me to tell him stories and his favorite at the time was The Little Engine that Could.   So I told him the story and then it was time we went to sleep so Santa could come.  He was so very excited.  I was excited mostly because he was.  My grandmother had to speak to us a couple of times because we were giggling and laughing and talking and we were suppose to be sleeping.

Very early on Christmas morning -- while it was still dark outside -- he woke me up.

Santa always left a lot of our presents unwrapped under the tree and he got up before everyone else and went into the living room.  I would love to have seen his little face.

Anyway he said... Debbie, Debbie wake up!!  Santa came!  He really came :-)

The joys of childhood innocence.  

One thing, as a adult I have tried to hold onto is the memory of my little brother that Christmas morning.   His eyes were dancing and he was so happy.   I was so happy, just to have him with me.  

Watching the grandchildren today on Christmas is such a joy.  Thinking of the memories of my own children and Christmas morning.

There was the time that my son Robert decided he didn't believe in Santa any more.  I think he was six or seven.   So Christmas Eve, before they went to bed, I told him and Susan to go to the front door, that maybe they might see Rudolphs nose in the sky....
and out of the quiet night came ringing of Santa's jingle bells.  Must have been as his sleigh flew across the sky.
Roberts eyes got big as saucers and he grabbed Susan and said

Come on Susie!!  It's Santa!!  We have to go to bed.  

It was so precious and made my cry for how happy that little boy was after he heard Santa's jingle bells ringing.

And the next morning, he found a leather strap in the driveway covered with jingle bells.  I guess Santa dropped it off his sleigh when he visited our house.   Robert kept those jingle bells for a long, long time.

Keeping the magic alive at Christmas. I can't imagine anything any happier <3

Day 4 - Christmas Past Photo Memory Share

2009 - My granddaughter Gwendolyn

December Photography Challenge -- Day 4

Today's Temperature
(this morning)

and I took this with my phone this morning and just can't get it right side 

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