Sunday, November 30, 2014

The End of November

I did pretty good with the blog this month, considering how very busy my life can be :)

Tonight, I will finish up the days of November in one post.

Thanks so much for sticking with me all month <3

New Challenges for December begin tomorrow 

Day 25 -- Something Green

The first thing that came to mind are the beautiful evergreens here in Virginia.  They keep their beautiful green color throughout the fall, while all the other trees change.  And then, even in the coldest part of the winter - their color reminds us that spring and summer won't be too much longer.

Day 26 -  Something Old

I share these dogtags that belonged to my grandfather once again.   He passed on in 1972.  He retired from the army and served our country during WWII and the Korean war.  He loved golf.  And he called the television the One Eyed Monster <3

Day 27 - Something New

Good grief... I shared this on the photography challenge...but there's been nothing new since... lol

My sweater :)

Day 28 -  A Tradition

Every Christmas, growing up, mom always put a angel on top of our Christmas tree.   It's one of her many traditions during the holidays.

This is one that I do now.  Hopefully my grandkids will remember one day that Nana always had a angel on top of the tree.

Day 29 - a Childhood Moment

This one was taken about 1972.  One of the very few times in my life I have been on the back of a horse.   This horse belonged to my Aunt Gin and Uncle Paul.  Her name was Dabou.   She had a colt and he was black with a white spot on his forehead.  They named him Tinker.   They also had a beautiful brown horse with a black mane and tail named Duchess.

Day 30 -  a Photo

For this entry I choose this photo I took of our companion at work - Petey.
She has a form of blood cancer and the people who own the business I work for have kind of adopted her and paid all her vet bills, feed her etc.   She actually lives next door to the dealership but she comes over and stays with us all day.

She's getting a little sicker now.  It really hurts my heart.  She still has a very healthy appetite but is losing weight.  A lot of weight.   We try to keep her warm, loved and happy.  She's not in any pain at this time and doesn't appear to be suffering.  

When its time, we will not let her suffer.  But until then, we will give her all the love we can.

Photography Challenge
Day 25 -- Artwork

Day 26 - Transportation

Day 27 -  Daily Routine

Day 28 -  Nighttime

Day 29 -  Light

Day 30 -  Self Portrait

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