Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Day 4 - A Trinket I am Thankful for..

Day 4

a Trinket.

I have lots of those.  Really.

But tonight, the ones I am thankful for are my small collection of trinket boxes. :)


The little one in the front...white with flowers.... belonged to my mother.  I remember it sitting on her dresser for a long long time.   Then, the one with the white tiger on it was painted for my by my beautiful daughter Mary. <3  The small blue round one reminds me of my daughter Susan.  She loves cameos and this one reminds me of  cameo.  Then there is the dark blue one, the big silver heart shaped one.  The pretty dark blue one and then there is a white one with the lid opened that was given to me by a dear friend.

These little boxes are not used for trinkets though.  Right now, they are still empty but as I have set up my altar table to honor my family and bring me spiritual peace... the little boxes are included.  I may use them for wish boxes.  I may use them for stone boxes.   It is all evolving.  On the altar are candles, stones, spirit dolls, feathers, momentos from those I love, a wooden wolf box, herbs , a painting of an owl from my daughter Rebecca.  A charm bracelet from my daughters Amanda, Susan and Rebecca.   A buffalo pipe gifted to me from my son Robert.  The wolf symbol reminding me of my son Justin.   Angels for my mom, a purple crown royal bag (that holds spiritual tobacco) from my dad, a crochet angel made by my grandmother. 

I will be adding to this.  Jessie and Shane.   This is my next project for the altar.

Trinkets... something that means something to someone.  I think we all have them, some have more than others.  Different reasons, different meanings.  

Day 4

Photography Challenge.


Taken outside of where I work today....  

Most of the fall leaves are fading now... and they were breathtaking at their peak.

These leaves still show just a brush of Autumn.


  1. Beautiful! I totally forgot I did the tiger box, LOL, but now I remember. I haven't done one of those in YEARS and I want to do more. The dollar store near here has really big ones for $3 and I'm thinking of getting one and painting a really awesome scene on it for my altar.

    1. Oh yes.... they are beautiful. So beautiful!!