Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Day 23 - A View and In my Closet..

Day 23

A View I am Thankful For...

I was born in Roanoke Virginia.   Grew up in Kentucky.  Then spent my Junior High and Senior High years in upstate New York.   I got married and moved to Camp LeJeune NC.   I have visited Niagara Falls both the American and Canadian sides.   I've been to Toronto, Canada, Pittsburgh PA -- throughout the states of West Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland

and I've seen a lot of pictures of a lot of places.

The ocean is where my soul is happy - and I truly need it in my life several times a year -

but daily.  It is the mountains of this beautiful state of Virginia that I live in.  That is the view that gives me strength and tells me this is exactly where I'm suppose to be.

These are just a few pictures I have taken over the years of these mountains that I love

And this mountain above, the Peaks of Otter in Bedford County VA --  I see this mountain every day.  When I drive home from work - it still takes fills me with a peace I have never found anywhere else that I have traveled.

Day 23

Photography Challenge

In My Closet...

Crowded.  No other words.  lol

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