Sunday, November 2, 2014

Day 2 - A Place I am Thankful For

Day 2

A Place I am Thankful for....

There are many places.  Mostly with my family near.

But there is one place.  A place where the sun rises over the water and sets fire to the sky.

The Outer Banks, North Carolina.

It's where I want to go to recharge.  To feel closer to God.  To sit and listen to the ocean as it tirelessly returns to the shore.  Again and again.

There is peace in that for me.  Strength.  Timelessness. When I leave, I leave part of my heart but it is always there waiting for me when I return.

Photoghaph Challenge

Day 2


I have spent the last several hours uploading so many pictures of my grandkids...smiles, smiles and more precious smiles.   I choose my youngest granddaughters smile today

Meet Emma Rose and let your heart be lifted by the pure beauty in the smile of a baby <3

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