Thursday, November 20, 2014

Day 19 - Warm Object and Best Friend.

Day 19

A Warm Object I am Thankful for...

What in the world am I gonna write about here....

Object?   So I can't write about my dogs.... again :-)  Even though I love them so.

Here's a list of warm objects...

that I am thankful for.

My bed with its big brown fuzzy blanket.

My pillow which Is my best friend while I sleep.

Several bathrobes.  Both with embroidery on it about Coffee
and one Red and White and looking a little Christmasy....

Some really really soft bedroom slippers.

And the last has got to be my little outdoor fireplace.   And my indoor gas fireplace <3

Day 19

Photography Challenge

My Best Friend.

Here ya go...

I have friends.  Yes I do.  But my very best ones -- are my kids.  Plain and simple.


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