Sunday, November 16, 2014

Day 15 - Technology and ....Technology.

Day 15

A Technology I am Thankful For....

Here's a list...

Cable Television

I remember the days well of 3 network channels and 1 uhf channel.  I remember rabbit ears, roof antennas and a simple version of the TV guide.....

Cell Phones

I remember rotary dial home phones.   Long distance bills and only a futuristic dream of being able to actually see someone on a screen while talking to them on a phone...


I remember accounting before computer accounting programs.... with ledger sheets and ledger books..and a sharp pencil.

I remember photographs in a picture album


I remember having to send letters and pictures through the US Postal service and waiting weeks to get a reply back.....

Day 15

Photography Challenge


Digital Photography and Scanning

This is a photograph from 1963 that was scanned and turned into a jpeg file.

My mom and me.

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