Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Day 11 - A Time of Day and Something Old

Day 11

A Time of Day I am Thankful For

There is no question about this one.   For many many years it has always been the very early morning hours.  When the house and all of her occupants are still sleeping.   When the sun is barely lighting up the sky.   When the birds outdoors are beginning to wake and fill the air with their symphony of music.

When the coffee is hot.  The bathrobe is warm and soft.  The air is still and the dew glistens on each blade of grass.

Photography Challenge

Day 11

Something Old.

Today being Veterans Day, my grandfather came to mind.  He was a WWII veteran and also served in Korea.   He retired from the army and loved to play golf.   

I have his dog tags and they mean the world to me.  He died in 1972 when I was 8 and it was like my world darkened without his love and his silliness.   He loved me so and I never doubted that when he was here.   

Now so many years later, I still miss him.  I still remember him. 

Today I send a message to my granddaddy, gone from here so long now....

Thank you for your service to our country.  Happy Veterans Day <3

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