Sunday, June 1, 2014

June 1st - 30 Days of Adventure - Serenity

Only on day one and I'm already loving this blog challenge :)   My daughter Becky and I made a list of adventures all month, some small, some larger.  

I want to share a thought that many of us already know. 

Life is Short. 
Live each moment.  Spread Love and Kindness everywhere you go.
Let go of the earthly things.

Light a candle, take a deep breath, close your eyes and Let Go of stress.

Honestly, when it's time for you to leave this earth, what will really matter then? 

Because whatever that is.....what matters the most to it now.  Every day.
Tomorrow is never promised to any of us.

Some people say, if a doctor told me I was going to would I live my life differently?

We are all going to die.  We are all here for just a little while until we return to the place where Love lives...

So C'mon people......Love One Another.

As for today's Adventure.

The beautiful little town I live in, Bedford Virginia, has three parks.  All of which I love to go to, take pictures and just be close to nature and to God.

So my adventure today was to go to all three parks.  Just take my time and enjoy each of them as they are.

Each park gave me a gift today.  

The first park....

As I walked along the beautiful walking paths and thought about my life.  My family.  My friends.  All the people who matter the most to me.... some of the scenery I passed by..

And this beautiful feather was a gift. 

Got into the car and went to the second park.  The peace at this next place means so much to me.  It is on the grounds of the Bedford Library - which is one of my favorite places because books bring peace to my soul.

This garden is just full of paths and benches and beautiful flowers.  There is also a hedge maze there.  Another quiet place to reflect on decisions, both past and present.  To come to terms with regrets and to make promises to myself to live in such a way that there are no more regrets.

And other than serenity, the other gift this park gave me today was the opportunity to photograph his cute little guy.

And the third park is a large park.  I only drove through today and got out of the car once. This park holds many family memories for me.  From Susan and Roberts 16/18 birthday parties... to football games, softball games, baseball games.  And at Christmas time, the park is full of animated Christmas decorations.  There is an incredible view of the Peaks of Otter - the mountain that radiates strength to the entire area I live in.

And the gift this park gave to me today was this wonderful family of geese who I was able to photograph and watch.  I couldn't get too close because one of the parents was ever watching me......

The adventure today was inspiring to me and I was able to take a lot of photographs and feel at peace within myself.

And today, my youngest daughter, Rebecca, accompanied me on this grand adventure.   That was truly the best part of it all.

I encourage anyone reading this blog to make the most of every day.  Even in a small way.  Don't over think things....let life flow and believe in the goodness of the world.
 I think we all worry to some extent....what if... how is that gonna be possible....I just can't.....

How wonderful would it be to retrain our way of thinking?  To understand that we are only here temporarily... 
And to remember when we think...What if it goes wrong?

Well, so what.  What if it does.  I would rather live with the possibility of things going right than going to sleep at night with regrets because I let negative thoughts and fear rule my actions.

I'm here to live whatever time I have remaining here.    Today, come and join me.  Do what you have to do in, pay bills, laundry..... but stop for just a minute and add a adventure to your day that makes your soul sing.   After this, my first day, I can is so worth it. 

"Cmon People Now
Smile on your Brother
Everybody get together 
Try to Love one another right now."

And begin with loving yourself.

Peace - Blessings - Eternity

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