Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day 6-7-8 - Yard Sales, Drive -In, Catching Up

Yes, I have been super busy for the last few days so I'm behind in posting but not behind in adventuring.

Day 6, my adventure was hitting the yard sales with my youngest...

We really had a great time.  Got some great bargains....bought some unnecessaries and met some funny people.

First a couple of odd things that we liked but did not buy....

This hash tag coffee cup....I really wanted it but figured I would never use it with that crazy

And I loved this picture, but no where to hang it

We did get a good deal on a pool for the kids - new in the box and a ice cream maker.  I can't wait to get together with the grandkids for that.

I did pay a local craftsman  for this beautiful hand carved box.   I just absolutely love it.

And at another yardsale, this Haitian woman had some awesome stuff.  This purse caught my eye and I just had to get it for a dollar...she tried to steer me to some of the beautiful clothes she had out there but I stayed away from that....

And some cute things to refurbish for the fairy garden we are going to be working on soon.  This little swing is awesome.  Taking the bunny off and putting a fairy there....and check out that little quilt rack.  Love it.

From the same craftsman that I got the wolf box from, Becky got this hand carved ring.  Made of holly.  I don't think she plans to wear it but it really is beautiful and unusual.

Next adventure on Day 7 was the local drive in.  We went to see Malificent and might I say that was a wonderful movie!!

We had two toddlers and a baby with us and considering that, we did pretty good :D

And for Day 8 -- just catching up with this blog and some photo shares on my facebook.

Not going to let having to play catch up once in a while bother me.

The purpose of this blog challenge is to do something every day, a little adventure or sometimes a big adventure.

Just eight days into it and wow, I've already made some wonderful memories.

Photos, words.  Those are memories.

Many events from my earlier life....I would love to have moments from them captured.  Being pregnant with my babies is a big regret because there are virtually no pictures during any of those times.  

My advice is to take lots of pictures.  Capture everything you can because later on, when times are quiet, when some have moved on as they should and when you are sitting alone with your own thoughts, the pictures are beautiful.   Vivid reminders of your life.  Year by year.  Moment by moment.  Christmas, birthdays, summer, winter, new babies, family gatherings, pets, places, friends, home, work, nature......

Always, always remember.....

There is a new adventure waiting for you around every corner.

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