Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 2 - 30 Days of Adventure - Flowers

Today's adventure was all about flowers :)

Back in the spring, we got the flower beds ready but I just didn't take the time to go get the flowers....meant to.   But didn't get around to it...or is that aroundtuit?   lol

After work, once again, youngest daughter accompanied me to shop for some flowers.  She got some a few weeks ago and planted them in some pretty silver pails.  Her's are doing beautiful.

We decided to go to Walmart and see what they had left to choose from.

So many beautiful flowers but I kind of stuck with my old favorites...petunias and begonias.

Sometimes it's okay to stick with what's comfortable.  But I think you need to throw in something you've never had...or you've never done..or you've done before and would like to do again.....

Just to add some fun.

So our fun was a pink flamingo :)   I have always wanted one....but never got one.  So now, we have one, right among the petunias :)  And Becky has decided that it's a lonely flamingo so we will go back and get a mate for it tomorrow :) 

Yet another good adventure.  There was silliness and laughter.. seriousness of choosing the colors and lots of talking about hanging baskets and other ideas for outside this summer.

Becky just realized we have an outdoor fireplace that can be moved to the back she's planning to use that soon too.

As I watered the new little plants in the flower beds I thought of family.

How relationships thrive when they are watered enough.

With my kids.  My grandkids.  My brother.  All of my family.  My friends.

I plan to water my relationship with each of them more.  But at the same time, using a little caution because too much water can cause damage.

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