Wednesday, January 8, 2014

In a Whisper

There are days when scenes from the past can swallow you up.  

Regret?  Not really.
Unhappiness with the present?  No.

Just sweet memories.  Feelings hidden deep within the soul.

This place will always be open to reopen.  But the secret for me is being who I am now. 

Who I have become.

Is there still room for the past?

Absolutely.  Always. 

Do I stop and wait for what I wanted so desperately long ago.

No.  I do not.

That is enough.  If it is ever meant to be not enough, the Universe will conspire to make it so.

Just like when it was.

Living life to the fullest is my plan.

Standing for what I believe in.

Being proud of what I have overcome and the wonderful creations that God has blessed me with.

The ones who used to call me Mommy.

How dare I ask for more?

oh...but I a whisper.

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